Technical / stack details


I’ve enjoyed getting to know your service more via your blog, but I’d appreciate more coverage on some of your underlying tech.

I realise this is somewhat niche and likely to appeal more to coders / tech nerds, but I also think it might encourage a whole new demographic of user that is excited by the stack choices you’re taking to build a competitor bank.

I think banking has traditionally been a rather opaque sector, and it’d be good to get more intimate with the underpinnings. It would also encourage trust to learn about your challenges, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and how you’ve gotten to grips with the (no doubt) myriad banking hurdles and legacy network issues and are improving on what already exists.

In light of threads such as Missing Money!!!!!!, where some users are reporting stray payments, it’d also provide some deeper reassurance that the underlying foundations are stable, and your process for going from bug report, to investigation, to solution.

Some tech transparency would be great!