Technical issues - notification system



Following the yesterday technical problem which affects all of us in different ways, I think a way of notifying the clients in case the services / are not working would be more than welcomed! I sure it’s easy to implement a service to send SMS and/or emails to all the customer informing about the problem.

It’s not nice at all to buy something and not be able to pay. You want Revolut to be the main bank account / card, but definitely we need also a backup solution, just in case.

So, please think about this! Just a simple SMS might save us from being put in an unpleasant situation.



Thanks for info. Did not use R yesterday and only from your post found there has been issue. Check twitter - and yes, there was problems.

Btw, there is new revolut version out - v5.30 (at least for android) - did anyone checked that already?



A sms backup would be nice
Since not all place have free WIFI
Or if your data connection is not working