Technical issues - Charge back delay


Hi, has one else had any technical issues/delay when awaiting a charge back refund.

After a very long chargeback process (100 days), I finally got an email from Revolut to say it was successful on the 20th of March but the funds never appeared in my account. When I contacted Revolut, they told me it was a technical issue and they would raise a ticket to have their technical team look into it. I’ve contacted them a couple of times since for an update but there’s none and they have no timescale for me as to when I will finally receive my money.

I just wanted to see if others have had the same issues as me, what the wait times look like because I’m getting nowhere with Revolut customer service. Thanks


Hey @Lol :slight_smile:

Formal complaint seems the reasonable way to go, personally.


Frankly that’s unacceptable. If the chargeback process was successful then the funds should be returned immediately.

Hiding behind ‘technical issues’ won’t do. Revolut needs to get its customer service back on track. If the facts are as stated then an apology to the customer and possibly an ex gratia payment is frankly what I would expect.


I filled out and sent them a form a couple of days ago for this but no word yet.


Yeah it just feels like I’m inconvincening them whenever I contact them via chat. They just say there’s no update, sorry for the inconvenience and then leave the chat. Very irritating.


Yarp, that story can be marvelled at in its entirety at Chargeback Experiences?