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Hello, I have just arrived in France and I am a student and I do not have a tax ID because I have just arrived. But I will receive it in the coming months and I will let you know the code. What is the solution now? Will I have problems using my card?

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Hello @haniisoo :wave:,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for raising your concern here. Can you please elaborate your problem so that we can help you further? Are you facing any problem regarding card activation? :thinking:

SG | Community Team

Welcome to France and to this forum.
I presume you are concerned that you are currently unable to confirm your tax residency in France.
A TIN (Tax Identification Number) can be obtained from the Fisc before your first tax submission (the dates fro submissions are Dept dependant but start with May and end in June [see attached data] and the way to do it is [outlined here]. You have to do it online You do this by

  • visiting Accueil |

  • Click Votre espace particulier

  • Click Vous n’avez pas encore de numĂ©ro fiscal ? and follow the instructions

Hope that helps.


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@haniisoo, Please let us know if your concern has been resolved by Graham’s reply or do you want to know anything else? :thinking:

Thanks for the help @Graham_Lees. :star:

SG | Community Team

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