Talking to Revolut Support?


Hi Folks,

I currently have $2,500 in limbo for a card purchase I made in the USA (UK Based), my app is saying “Pending” This payment is awaiting the merchants confirmation or reversal. It’s 4 days later and the Revolt App isn’t showing my money and the company I was purchasing off say they don’t have it.

Any ideas on how I locate who has my money and order the parts I need?

How can I speak to someone to find a resolution?




Hey @Gotzy :slight_smile:

Pending payments will be refunded within 7 days if they are not confirmed by the merchant :wink:

I believe the merchant can provide your with a release/cancellation code you can provide to :r: to speed the refund up :smile:


Thanks for your comments Juiopp

Merchant is telling me it was declined (they attempted to take a further 7 times over 4 days) and that I need to speak to my bank (Revolut) but it appears that it isn’t possible unless you have a way?


Hey @Gotzy :slight_smile:

You can talk to :r:'s support team through the app, going to the More tab -> Support -> Live chat and typing live agent :wink:

The failed transaction will be reverted within 7 days, but you can confirm this with the in-app support team


Thanks again, tried that after searching and finding an earlier post of yours, it appears no-one working tonight as I’ve been waiting 2 hours now. If only they were attentive as you! Time for another provider once / if I get my money back.

Once again, thanks again for your help!


Hey @Gotzy :slight_smile:

There’s another trick card you didn’t use. @AndreasK, @Gotzy needs help <3


Hi there. Are you able to send me a direct message please with your phone number linked to your account?