Takes over 48 Hours for GBP transfer from UK Bank


Hi, I don’t know if it is just me or it is a completely normal thing to everyone. I finally increased my limit to top-up my Revolut Account and when I transfer my funds via branch bank (HSBC) transfer. Using the local bank detail I found on my App… and 24 hours after…I still haven’t receive my money is still not showing on My Revolut account…why is GBP to GBP taking so long?


Not sure how long time takes to transfer within UK.
Shouldn’t be that long :face_with_monocle:
Why you don’t top up normally,that would be more or less instant ?





With top up button , instead of sending from another account via sort code and account number :slight_smile:
Sorry if misled :sweat_smile:


You mean by credit card? I havent done that either yet and only went through the normal :wink: bank transfer … arent credit card top ups charged additionally?


Visa debit :slight_smile:
Use card number,expiry date and cvv number .
Then i needed to put only cvv
But now nothing at all,just top up.
No charge btw.



What is the largest amount you ever top-up?


I am not sure why bank transfer is not an normal way. Also, top up via app is not direct debit…


I think 500£ was the largest payment in single transaction (which have toped myself,not sure if there is limit) :slight_smile:
And it’s available straight away in Revolut account,but it’s pending by Lloyds for a day or so …
Tough i’m using Revolut for about 3 month :slight_smile:


I only topped up via card as it is instant and without fees :grinning:
Of course if you intend to top up thousands in one go, it’s a different situation.
I really dont care if i have to top up 10 times 500 by card to have a balance of 5000.
It just depends on your planning


I think this feedback topic is to provide other users a fair idea on how much time you need to wait before your money can be transfered via a UK bank GBP account into GBP Revolut account…if normal UK banks already can transfer way sooner than Revolut when users are transfer bigger amount to their accounts, this is definitely should Revolut should look into… we shouldn’t feel it’s okay and start thinking be 500*10 this kind of top-up strategy is a “okay” thing for all users (am I being to ideal?) or Revolut or is a card for small payments only?


I normally top up by GBP credit card. Instant and no fees. Top amount I’ve topped up this way is £5,000.


I am still waiting…


Weekend maybe?



Well, as per Live support. They work on weekends. Also, more than 48 if I include the entire weekend :slight_smile:


Who works? Revolut? That does not necessarily mean bank transfers will be processed as well.

Also, the weekend usually does not count towards transfer time.


Hi, at least that’s not the customer support agent explained to me. Why are you so sure? Are you working for Revolut? Or this is purely your idea of normal banking? So when you transfer money to your friends over the weekend, you normally wait until Monday? Weekend does not make everything stop…


Do I have an R tag?

Yes and yes. An exception might be transfers within the same bank.

It usually does.


This is a conversation I had on Friday.

I totally agree with you when I deal with normal bank, because high street banks will probably tell me what you just said that weekend does not count…but we are talking about Revolut, so…