Taiwanese Dollars. Top up comission

Hello, first I’d like to say I hope we can top up TWD with Revolut. I live in Taiwan and all those websites like transferwise, don’t work with Taiwanese dollars, I’ve checked nearly 10 websites. Therefore, if Revolut accepted top ups with TWD would make a difference with other website or cards.

And I’d like to ask something about the commision. If I choose my taiwanese card to top up Euros, the app tells me you’d charge a 1.7% commission as that card was issued in a country outside the EU. I’d like to know if the commision it’s just about this or also about the currency conversion because I have a Taiwanese Euros bank account, so I’d like to know if I top up my Revolut card from this account nI’d be charged a comission event though there won’t be any currency exchange.

Thank you!


Hey @Aldo77 :slight_smile:

I believe TWD is not a supported currency for topping up with card :frowning:

The FX comission is a different things, you can check it in the FAQ :wink:

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Yeah, I know it’s not on that list, I know I can’t have TWD on my Revolut card but it seems I can use TWD to top up my account in Euros of any of the currencies on that list.

However, what about if I have Euros on my Taiwanese account? My Spanish bank considers the top-ups purchases, so in theory I guess if my Taiwanese account has euros, I shouldn’t get charged any comission apart that the one my Taiwanese bank would charge if I previously exchange TWD to Euros

Hi @Aldo77.

The rule is that you should top up in the currency that your bank account is held in. For example, if you have a UK bank account make sure you top up in GBP. If you don’t your bank will convert the money for you and charge a huge fee!

We currently support top-ups in 25 currencies - EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, CHF, SEK, NOK, DKK, RON, AUD, NZD, CZK, SGD, HKD, ILS, TRY, AED, CAD, HUF, INR, JPY, MAD, QAR, THB and ZAR.

Please note, if you are topping up via a bank transfer outside of the EU your bank may charge you a large international wire transfer fee as such transfer would go via SWIFT.

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Hi, so my Taiwanese bank account has Euros already and I wouldn’t top up via transfer but with the debit card,so in this case would it be like if I were using my Spanish bank debit card? I guess so as there wouldn’t be any currency exchange or transfer. Thank you.

There is a fee for cards that are issued outside of the EEA (basically all cards that aren’t covered by the EU bank interchange fee regulation).

Oh, ok, I see, then it won’t matter if my account has euros, I’d need to pay the fee anyway.
Thank you