Tag your card (optional) - How does it work?



I was about to order a new card for myself, when during one of the steps, I found that I can tag my card with some text. So I wanted to make sure is this instead of the name? Or will this be just addtional text above the card number? Can I put there anything I want?




I guess it’s just for the statements and the app, that one could see which card was used for paying something and won’t be embossed on the physical card?


So, you mean that it is seen only in the app and not on the card?

For visibility @andreagv


Yes, that is what I think. With two or more active cards it might help to differentiate spendings. But that is just a guess.


Okay, another hint: once you have tagged your card, you could rename it in the card section of the app. So you could rename a physical card long after it is issued and printed.


Thanks for checking this out,@Frank :slight_smile:



Yes @Frank is right. It’s just to distinguish which card you use.