Tag expenses and sum by tag

Tap the transaction and then the category. Add custom category or recategorize.


Would be good to be able to search by category, over a defined time period. Ie. All expenses for X, between Y-Z… nearly there, just not quite!

A more general solution would be to display the total of the transactions which are results of a search.
That way any field which is searchable like “note” or “tag” can be used to sum transactions.

I often want to know the total of transactions when I search based on the “note field”.
For example you search for “trip to Bali” and you immediately see the results and the sum of the amounts for those results.


I’d really like that the Revolut app always shows the total of displayed transactions when searching by keywords for anything.

Also what would be really great is, when I have all transactions displayed, that I can select some of them and the app automatically gives the total.
i.e. I went somewhere over a weekend and I just want to know how much I spent. Actually I doesn’t want to bother tagging or adding a note to those expenses but just scroll through all transactions, just select the payments I made that weekend (hotel, restaurants , purchases…) and I get to see the total instantly.

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Any progress on this feature?

It would be so convenient for holidays. Many other apps have it now where you can tag your expenses and then search by that tag (or tags). It then summarizes the expenses and gives you totals and other info.

Notes for transactions is great (the limit needs to be increased, BTW) but it has a different purpose than tags.

@GordonsGekko Hello and greetings from the :r: community. We are happy to have you here. :hugs: We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. While we do not have an update on the tagging feature at this time, we will definitely take your feedback into consideration for future updates. :rocket:

In the meantime, we understand the importance of being able to track and manage expenses, especially when it comes to holidays and travel. Our Notes feature allows users to add descriptions or details to their transactions, which can be useful in tracking and categorizing expenses.

You can access it by clicking on a specific payment → scroll down → Note → Add note

Hope this helps. :sunflower:

Veda | Community team

One can also add new unique statistics categories.

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