Tag expenses and sum by tag

it will be great to be able to tag expenses with a particular word so that later, at reporting time, I could sum by those words.

For example, I could tag all expenses related to a trip to Bali with #TripToBali so that 2 months later I will know how much I spent.

This feature is already available in N26 and this is the only thing that is blocking me from fully switching to Revolut as main provider.


Hello @plasyon47.

Thank you for your suggested. There’s something similar to this.

Revolut spending analytics: http://news.revolut.com/post/153857175487/introducing-spending-analytics

Have a look and let us know :wink:

Yes I’m aware of spending analytics, but unfortunately it doesn’t sum by a custom tag (which is the thing I was looking for); I can break down expenses by category type / country / month; but I cannot tag diverse expenses (for example things related to a certain area) and get the sum out of that :frowning:

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You can actually tag, and change categories too :slight_smile:

Just to be clear here: if I change the description of a transport expense (let’s say a airline ticket) to #TripToMadrid and two restaurant expenses to #TripToMadrid, will I be able to sum those 3 expenses on the spending analytics based on the “#TripToMadrid” tag?

So far I’ve been unable to do so and the blog post does not seem to suggest otherwise.

Ok I see your point, more personalised tag. Let’s see forward this to the team :slight_smile:


+1 to this.
This is a function that Monzo already have.

It would also be great to include that note / text field in the .csv export function too


Come on Revolut, you’re too slow with integrating this basic functionality which will be a huge value-add to both private and business customers.

+1 for note/text field in .csv export function.

+1, it’s an N26 feature I miss in Revolut :slight_smile: Would be great to have!

+1 the same here. Just saw N26 allows to add multiple custom tags to each transaction. Would be a big help to be able to have custom tags in exported csv!


+1 I would say custom categories would be nice

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I recently needed to find a transaction from several months ago, to support an expense claim at work. The transaction had been correctly categorised as ‘Transport’, however I can now see the benefit of custom tags to accompany the categories.

In this case, it would have been helpful to search for #WorkExpenses (for example) and at this time of year, a #ChristmasShopping tag could be quite useful too! :christmas_tree::gift::santa:


Just add notes and search those?!

Yes that’s not a bad workaround, but I already use the notes functionality for annotating transactions (for example, in this post :link:) and I’d prefer to keep this separate.

Also, adding tags could help with budgeting. Revolut allows us to set budgets for each of the default categories, but not for our own categories. If we were able to set up custom tags, these could be used for this purpose:


I am hoping we will get both; The options to create custom categories and the option to use tags.


I deeply believe we need this feature, in my case I do not budget by category, I do it by Tag, because I can have multiple reasons why I expend in a particular category, Im trying to follow the metologoy of 6 jars to budgeting my expenses, and is quite hard to do it right now with revolut

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Any news about this? I’m thinking moving to N26 just for this feature…

Is there any update here??? This is surely a feature that is simple to add and would be so beneficial to all the users.

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I can’t believe Revolut still does not support custom labels or categories. That’s really an annoying bummer! Good reason to switch back to N26 especially during trips, holidays, events.