Tag expenses and sum by tag


it will be great to be able to tag expenses with a particular word so that later, at reporting time, I could sum by those words.

For example, I could tag all expenses related to a trip to Bali with #TripToBali so that 2 months later I will know how much I spent.

This feature is already available in N26 and this is the only thing that is blocking me from fully switching to Revolut as main provider.


Hello @plasyon47.

Thank you for your suggested. There’s something similar to this.

Revolut spending analytics: http://news.revolut.com/post/153857175487/introducing-spending-analytics

Have a look and let us know :wink:


Yes I’m aware of spending analytics, but unfortunately it doesn’t sum by a custom tag (which is the thing I was looking for); I can break down expenses by category type / country / month; but I cannot tag diverse expenses (for example things related to a certain area) and get the sum out of that :frowning:


You can actually tag, and change categories too :slight_smile:


Just to be clear here: if I change the description of a transport expense (let’s say a airline ticket) to #TripToMadrid and two restaurant expenses to #TripToMadrid, will I be able to sum those 3 expenses on the spending analytics based on the “#TripToMadrid” tag?

So far I’ve been unable to do so and the blog post does not seem to suggest otherwise.


Ok I see your point, more personalised tag. Let’s see forward this to the team :slight_smile:


+1 to this.
This is a function that Monzo already have.

It would also be great to include that note / text field in the .csv export function too


Come on Revolut, you’re too slow with integrating this basic functionality which will be a huge value-add to both private and business customers.


+1 for note/text field in .csv export function.


+1, it’s an N26 feature I miss in Revolut :slight_smile: Would be great to have!


+1 the same here. Just saw N26 allows to add multiple custom tags to each transaction. Would be a big help to be able to have custom tags in exported csv!


+1 I would say custom categories would be nice