System Status - Online and In-app

Due to the problems this morning, I think an online status page showing when the payments processor is down or when chat support is offline, would be a good idea. So people don’t freak out, they can view in a browser. It would limit having to answer social media and community area questions.


Hello @damianryan,

Our social media channels have been updated as soon as we came across to this issue.

Thank you for your idea :slight_smile:


Hey @anon33247966,

I really think that, just the same as I don’t top up my account or transfer my money through your social media channels​, I should NOT be notified of any downtime or disruption only by your social media channels. I mean, if my card has to stop working for whatever the reason, I find it reasonable for you to send an immediate notification to every customer’s phone or, at least, some kind of direct, easy to reach status page, as mentioned by @damianryan, and not some kind of online forum. It does not sound serious.

It might make some users (that otherwise wouldn’t have noticed) aware of the issue, but it would be responsible and fair with all of us that, two times in 2017, were left with nothing for some hours, producing some extremely inconvenient situations.


Your social media channels didn’t seem to acknowledge the issues that just occurred…

Cmon is not that often. Why would need something like this when system is down every 2 mornings (GMT).
Just calculate which morning is it, and you’ll know if it’s down or not :joy:


Revolut has now a System Status page :smile: