System not up to job

Card arrived Bulgaria went to atm did a balance check with pin ok next day message too many tries go to atm reset pin i did. Meanwhile the mobile still displaying old pin and message about first purchase with pin clearly something not working i have removed all my cash i won’t be using Revolut

your first transaction must be made using chip and pin. did you take cash out from ATM or just get a balance ? not sure if going to ATM for a balance check counts as a transaction. Revolut is a fantastic service, its a shame to give up because you didnt do the correct steps.

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@walterallen1st You can find your PIN in the Cards section of the app under View PIN. You can then make the first transaction or cash withdrawal withdrawal. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Thank you an atm refuses to accept pin I do have other Visa cards which are no problem I will have to wait till Monday before I contact the human help