SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


i haven’t seen any bank that doesn’t add fees for payments with the recipient outside of Switzerland. Their reasoning is that they have ‘extra work’ from these payments (which I don’t believe). Though unfavourable for the customers they seem to have accepted it.


Using the TW card is not the best example. No payment with the TW card should have fees added if you have balance in the respective currency.


I think it is, as I didn’t make a credit-card payment, but a G-Pay-one… So the money comes from G-Pay, not the card…

Except Revolut “aims” at the credit-card itself… Then yeah, pointless experiment then…


Still no fees for my GPay top up, 4 days ago. MC Cumulus. I will try more than 10chf, in case it would change something…

Well well well…
As my 10chf top up didn’t show any fees, I can see immediately on Revo 1.84chf fees for 100chf top up…I will wait for confirmation on my Cembra account and let you know. Damn!

And meanwhile they’re showing up new colored card :weary: yeah, so important right now…


Can confirm no fees Google Pay with SwissCard Visa (Coop Supercard branded). Topped up CHF 200 on Oct 18, no additionel fees on Revolut, no additional fees on Swisscard (also no outside of country fee). Probably also got Superpoints for the Top Up. (will only see and of month).

Google Pay in Revolut only works on Android, people on iOS are out of luck.

Edit: Only works once per card, after thar you get charged a fee from Revolut.


Somehow this seems too good to be true… Hopefully it will last!


I still didn’t had any fees on my 10CHF-Topup via Google Pay.
Neither TW nor Revolut charged any additional fees…

Revolut explicitly states Google Pay as method, yet in the details I can see the TW-Card.

Would be great if it works without fees.


Have you tried to top-up a second time? I was charged a fee from R after the first free top-up.


no, I feel uncomfortable with the 10CHF-topup already (have no “spendingplans” atm, and don’t want to have too much money on the revolut-account - as they still aren’t fullfilling ANY promises they made…)


I just retried and now there is a fee. Seams Revolut detect that card is swiss after first top up and than you can no longer top up fee free via Google Play


That’s F*** annoying !!!

So the same for me, after second topup I got a fee. And it’s not from Cembra but from Revolut, what’s wrong with them!!

Where is that swiss IBAN!!!


I can confirm that transferring CHF from UBS via Ebanking allocating all costs to beneficiary is fee free.

UPDATE 24.10.2018: I have to revise my statement - the above no longer works. CHF 5 is deducted irrespective of transferred amount.


when was your last transfer? we had reports stating the opposite


How large was your transfer? I made two transfers (with BEN option) after people reported that it was no longer free: one for 37 (was still free), one for 500 (5 CHF fee)


There’s a new competitor in Switzerland (currently in Beta-Testing); offering free Maestro-Card and free account with Payments, IBAN (can be used for salary, it’s a full account), all needed forms for tax declaration, and it’s backed by a swiss bank (same security as having a normal banc account). They’re planning to issue credit-cards and international payments, soon. Their concept similar to N26; if they go for a similar co-op with Transferwise as N26 did…

(not giving out the name of the competitor publicly. If interested to know more - contact me via PN)

Well if they gonna succeed, it’s gonna be very hard for Revolut in swiss market, :r: now has to start to fullfilling their promises about CH-IBAN…


I don’t think so. It is to expensive to use this Maestro-Card outside Switzerland. Transaction fee 1.8% and Interbank exchange rate plus 1.5%.


agreed, the maestro is too expensive to use abroad - and yes, the conditions for the creditcard are not published yet, but if they implement it with good conditions, it’s gonna be hard for revolut…


you’re right, when the conditions will be good. But I’m afraid that they will be the same


yes, Revolut will still be a pretty good option for anything concerning payments abroad even with that new banking provider


It seems really light no? Why not Cler Zak then? Almost the same I would say