SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


…ah, now i understand…
Sadly, I don’t have too much money in my (existing??) Google-Pay account (a few bucks left from play-store-voucher), I can’t match the “minimum 10.- topup”-criteria (and as I don’t need much playstore-credit, i don’t intend to topup that one again atm)…

Would be great if this would be possible (with the play-store-credit), as one can get playstore-vouchers, topup the googlepay-thing, then topping up revolut… (IF that would work, that is)


Hello everyone,

I think we can remove the UBS option as a free option. For myself and a friend of mine, UBS took 5.- even if it was using the BEN option.

Can someone try too and tell me if 5.- were removed ?


I was able to top up my account in CHF using google pay and my Migros Cumulus Mastercard. It seems that there was no fee, judging from the “last transactions” page on cembra.ch. I fear that some fee might appear on the actual bill at the end of the month, since usually they charge a fee for paying in CHF to companies that are not in Switzerland.


It was already reported 2 weeks ago that the BEN fees are deducted as opposed to the past.


I didn’t see that, thank you !


are you able to use google pay with your cumulus mc? how did you do that? I can’t even get google pay.


Well, I actually never used Google pay before! There is just a Google pay icon in Revolut and it works. I have a OnePlus 5T with Android 8. Not sure what else can play a role here…


hm, interesting… worked for me to. wondering if there will be any fee billed by cembra.


How to use Google Pay in Switzerland

(described for PC usage - maybe the mobile-site looks different)

First, we’re not talking about the “Google Pay”/“Android Pay”-Service on the CellPhone. It’s about the Service Google Pay, as needed for the Play Store or YouTube Superchats.

To use this Service, simple go to https://pay.google.com and log in with your Google-Account. (don’t be surprised - you’ll see every activity in Google you’d ever had when paying for something in google…

On the left menu, you see “Activities”, “Payment Methods” and other entrys.
Click on “Payment Methods”. If you’ve used vouchers to top-up your PlayStore Account, you can see the amount thats left there.
Select “Add Payment Method”, enter your Credit Card Details & Save

…now, you can use Google Pay to top-up Revolut (and pay Superchats in YouTube-Streams)…


@the-mike: is google pay top-up method instant like when toping up from debit/credit card?


…i have to admit: i haven’t used google pay to top up, as i’m still hesitating of topping up my account until revolut starts fullfilling their promises…
Yet I’ll commit and top up 10 bucks tomorrow, when (hopefully) my TW-account is topped up…



I’ve made a top up through GPay 15th of october, 10chf, it was instant. For now no fees on my Cembra account. Wait and see because I’ve also made an other chf payment to an other GBR company and I got a fee 1chf (but the fee appears on the same day, it was 8th of october)…


Payments with Google Pay

I just tried a top-up via Google Pay, registering my Transferwise-Card.
Following important points:
a) when registering a new creditcard within Google Pay, there will be a deduction of 2 CHF (currency of the country one lives in) to verify the card
b) Google Play-Credit will NOT be accepted as payments (…what money google has in its clutches, it won’t let go)
c) will give an update if the 2CHF-verify-amount has been paid back AND if there will be any fee in adition of the top-up.

So far, the 10CHF-topup arrived without deduction from revolut, and the TW-card has been charged (via google pay) 10CHF…


The trick is a APK download from apkmirror. With them you can install gpay without the store.
I use this since he started in germany


I used google pay to put 20CHF on my account. Google pay used my UBS credit card. At first I had no fees but then, 2 days later, on my credit card appeared a 1,75% charge for buying in foreign currency, although on my credit card statement i was charged in Swiss francs which appeared also on Revolut!!

They ALWAYS find a way ha ha ha


Im topping my Revolut card with prepaid credit card from “Credit Suisse”, issued by “SwissBankers”. For 100.- im paying 1.67.- fees…


Did you complained to your bank about charge? It seems as fraud (bad practice) to me. If you have better local banks, dump your current one - gave them a lesson.


UBS charges 1.75% for payments outside of Switzerland even if it was a CHF payment.


My first topup with Googe Pay was free of charge. For the second one I had to pay a fee. The fee is displayed in the Revolut App. The fee applies for UBS and Cembra cards.


The best way for topping up for free is to use TW. Works like a charm.