SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


But I don’t have personal GBP IBAN and I cannot get one (Switzerland-based user).
I was interested in results of somebody with a personal IBAN in GBP.

Thank you for your answer!


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows a service that can provide a Swiss IBAN, I’m going to work and the frontier and still struggling to get a swiss IBAN without passing through a swiss bank.

Any ideas you guys could share?

It will be much appreciated !




just get a swiss banc account then?
Raiffeisen or Postfinance have good conditions…
(and then use Transferwise to get the money to Euro-Land without too much loss)


Hello! I have questions directed at Swiss-based Revolut users who have a UBS bank account.

How do you include the reference number when topping up Revolut from UBS online banking?

I topped up twice this way, and each time I had to contact Revolut customer support to get the money to show up on my account. Both times they said I didn’t include the reference number.

However, I included it in 2 empty fields when issuing the payment: Payment Ref. and Reason for Payment(the only two otherwise empty fields I believe). How do people here do it?


I only entered the reference number in “Reason for payment”, payment reference is only for SEPA payments when you use international transfer.


The idea was to have a CH IBAN without having to going to bank, just like Revolut, Transferwise…

Swiss banks have good reputation on secrecy but they are also expensive, postfinance it’s the most affordable and services are kind limited, but didn’t knew about the Raiffeisen I’ll have a look.



TW does offer a CH IBAN and Swiss people use it to top up :r: with the TW card because :r: does not have a CH IBAN.

Regional banks or Migros Bank might also be an option to avoid the big players.


Goot news from revolut co-founder vlad yatsenko! CH IBAN will come this year!!!


Yes we know. In march… :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, soon™ just like other features


so soon™ this year™ just around the corner™ march™


Hello Daida,

No they don’t and they never had CH IBAN, I’ve discussed with the customer service yesterday morning and they confirmed that they are working on but they didn’t managed until now.


TW surely offers a CHF IBAN, it’s just not personal.



NO, they don’t. They offer a bank connection to top the TW-Account up. The Bank used in CH has an CH-IBAN.

Yet TW does NOT offer a CH-IBAN itself, or one for customers.

Magualo’s need is but a personal CH-IBAN, buest guess: to get his salary paid to - TW and Revolut are kinda useless for this cause…


Ah, I see.

So, I can confirm that TW shows my name as the sender. No additional information, just my name, like with any regular bank account.

In addition to that, they also display the reference text, which is like this: “From [First name] [Last name]”. I did not put in a reference when sending it, so this might be the default text.

No reference to any 3rd party whatsoever. TW does not show sender’s account no / sort code. So I have no clue about these details.


What do you mean not personal?

They’ve have so confirmed that they asked if the information I had it was given from one of their staff members as they were ready to sanction if that was the case, and you’re insisting that they do have CH IBAN.

Can you please give some further information, or eventually share your sources? After a few days of thoroughly searching the web there’s a lot of people searching for this kind of service, most of them would be ready to pay for it… as we pay for Revolut etc…


Transferwise does offer a local CHF account. Its local, but not personal. Meaning that one can do a domestic transfer to a pooled account. Every customer uses the same Swiss IBAN.


it means that everybody transfers to an account in the name of Transferwise, funds are allocated for each user with the given reference.
Example from my TW account.


Have anyone tried topping up with Google Pay? I just did and from what I can see it’s 0 fees with a Swiss VISA card in CHF - am I missing something?


I use simple bank transfer via from UBS CHF account. There are no fees to my knowledge, but I use a CHF revolut account, so there is no FX involved.