SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

sorry, I didn’t mean to derail the conversation with that stupid joke

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I am swiss.
I am longtermunemployed.
I am poor and need to turn each cent 5 or more times.
I lost my job due to a german, who lives in germany near the border, and wanted to work in Switzerland. He underbid everyone who lived in Switzerland. Accepted a Salary that’s 800 Francs below existential minimum in CH. He could do so because the living-costs in germany are way lower than in CH.
As I wasn’t fired due to a crisis but “economical reasons” (yeah got replaced by a cheaper guy), I didn’t find a job until now.
…and thanks to this german and about 320’000 others, I’m not the only one sharing this feith! There are plenty more who didn’t had a raise in pay in 20 years, working at the limit, as prices constantly go up (“we swiss are rich, we have it”, right?), and the pressure on salarys constantly increase.
Worst thing is: the immigrants or people not knowing what’s going on in CH saying “swiss are rich. they have it”. To justify every unbalanced action, like forcing swiss cellphone-companys to drop the roaming-fee, while they still have to pay them in the EU, doubling the prices in CH for the same products, and complaining about swiss buying them in the neighbor-countries, aso, making “life as a swiss” constantly harder and more expensive…

So as Hawkblesker said: better to say nothing. your remark was dumb, and not funny. It was just a provocation.

Edit: I opened a revolut-account thinking i can use good exchange-rates CHF to EUR and use the card to pay for, so I’m not depending on local rates (that are also unholy…)


Sorry Mike, but there are some rather broad, vague, and inaccurate statements in your posting.

First, your situation, I dont doubt your situation and as I wrote there is poverty everywhere, including Switzerland, and people - like you - often struggle but these are usually (fortunately) the minority and I am sure you wont argue that salaries in Switzerland are way higher than in most other European regions.

Second, your German replacement, Switzerland is quite strict when it comes to work permissions and particularly when it comes to minimum salaries. I certainly cant comment on your particular case, but saying a foreigner just needs to show up and you lose your job makes it sound way easier than it actually will be.

Third, forcing Swiss mobile providers to drop roaming? I am not sure where you took that from, but nobody forced them to anything, the roaming regulation exclusively applies to EU providers and Switzerland is in fact one of the most expensive countries in Central Europe when it comes to roaming - 17,000 francs a gigabyte is a lot, right? :slight_smile:

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yeah, i didn’t want to give any more information (or even start a debateI for that)…

as for the permits: none needed since 2001, the only restrictions now: since a few weeks they must report open positions to the jobcenters in CH before emplyong abroad.

and for the roaming: yeah a little incentive as in “if you don’t do it, we don’t let your clients roam in our nets anymore”. totally not forcing, right…

look - don’t wanna desturb the thread more. let’s move over to PN if need be, ok?

You still need a permit. The difference for most EU citizens is they get it automatically if they have a qualifying contract. But that still requires a certain income, I doubt that permit would be issued if the income is below living wage.

That is still not correct. Otherwise please point out the Swiss operator offering roaming under the EU regulation.

Please close the debate, it’s not the right place here.
Let’s meet at a pub and get a 8chf beer + 20chf cheeseburger to continue the discussion :slight_smile:


Great post!
I always use PostFinance > SEPA in EUR (it’s free and fast).
But since yesterday, when I click top up in my EUR account in Revolut, the app hangs with an icon from Google Pay.
There’s someone else with this same issue?

The top up in CHF works fine, but I need to top up in EUR,
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards,


@muller: did you updated revolut app recently?

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You can also use TW method until the app problem is solved I suppose.
PostFinance EUR > TW EUR > Revolut (top-up by TW card)

Hi @moon thanks for the update.
I saw that Revolut app have been updated today.
So I’ve tried to top up in EUR to see if the update fixed my issue, and yeah! Top up works fine now in EUR.
Thank you

Thank you @Karol

The issue have been fixed with the last app update.



I use Postfinance.

As far as I saw, topping up from Postfinance cost me 6.- for a CHF 1’500.- transfer (dedictued from the arriving amount in R). Am I not seeing some hidden fee somewhere?

I want to top-up each month automatically. For that, I just set up a regular EUR transfer from my CHF account in Postfinance (because SEPA is only in EUR). Does anyone know if this will lead to “massive costs” by Postfinance (currency exchange CHF to EUR)?

If so, would the option through TW be possible to set up as a regular monthly payment (TW to R) to keep costs lower?

You can top up TW with CHF and top up :r: in CHF via the TW card with no fees.

Sending EUR from switzerland from a CHF account will always result in a conversion at the sender’s bank and that’s what people want to avoid with :r:.

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Its unfortunate that REVOLUT does not offer local CHF account details in Switzerland for a CHF top-up at no cost. A SWIFT transfer with PostFinance results in in a 6+2 CHF charge, which is pretty annoying.
Best solution at NO charge is to make a domestic transfer from PostFinance into the TransferWise CHF account. Once the money shows up in TransferWise use the TW Debit Card and top-up Revolut.
I guess at this point in time all fees can only be avoided, if you use both… TW and REVOLUT in combination.

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Be careful, this charge depends on the transferred amount, it might be much higher for higher amounts.


Transferred 2,500 CHF from Postfinance and 2,492 CHF arrived in Revolut 3 days later.
So 8 CHF was the cost of the transfer.
This is reasonable and seems less complicated than using Transferwise.

That’s true - direct SWIFT transfers are less complicated than other options. And hopefully at some point we will be able to do them to the local bank account provided directly by Revolut, which will mean for free for Swiss users.

For now:

  • either you do a direct SWIFT transfer (with a fee)
  • or use the TW workaround to do it in a few steps but for free

TW just uses ONE more step.

  • SWIFT to TW
  • Use TW card to top up Revolut
    I personally find it very easy for a FREE solution.


National swiss bank transfer THEN use TW card to top up…