SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

I just used comas, only between firsname and lastname I had a space.
xxxxxxxx,Firstname Lastname,CH

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thanks for the note
i experienced the same issue, i.e. top up via bank transfer with not 100% exact text but as a consequence the money did not reach the Revolut card BUT WAS NOT SENT BACK TO THE BANK ACCOUT EITHER . Revolut customer service say they have problem is sending money back to me and others in same situation

My name is too long to fit this format (even without the line breaks):
xxxxxxxx,Firstname Lastname,CH > 35 characters for my name
My bank’s PostFinance limit on reference code is 35 characters :frowning:
In the real-world, people’s names are complicated, it’s just stupid to try to shove them in such a limited format field.

Boggles the mind how untested, ad-hoc and amateurish the implementation of this whole change has been.


gues i was lucky - i got the money back fast, and the 2nd topup came through (eventough i sent it with Switzerland when revolut already switched to CH…)

This is not true. PostFinance has 4 lines, and the 35 character limit is per line. You should be able to use it as intended / displayed in the Revolut app.

Did anybody use CurrencyFair lately, any idea how long the processing time is? CF tellsme they sent it on Tuesday, but it stillhasn’t appeared on my Revolut account.

HI Roman
Was at least the money reverted to your bank account automatically or did you have to talk to the originating bank to complete the reversal? In my case i will need to chase the originating bank !

Hello, please help me if you can!
I am trying for months now to top up CHF from PF to :r:.
I always get “declined”…See pdf attached.

I also attach the data I’ve been using for the transfer. See 2nd attachment.
Is there any mistake?
Thank you in advance for any help…

First thing: are you a Swiss resident? If not, they don’t offer the local account anymore to top-up. In this case you can use the Transferwise way.

As far as I can judge you did not provide the needed reference (“REFERENZEN: NOTPROVIDED”) which is also listed in the app above the bank details. It is like 12345678, , CH - it is shown with line breaks but you don’t need them in the transfer just the commas.

As far as my italian goes: Communicazione = message to the receipient, right?
If yes:
Revolut had the ultimate idea to change the reference-code. Next to the Reference-Number, your Name, Address and Country needs to be entered, too.

Have a look at your Revolut-App (account-details for the CHF-account) to see what :r: requires you to enter and HOW (new lines or commas)

even though they show multiple lines you just need the commas

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Update and warning about Processing surcharge for card payments abroad in Swiss francs to those in CH who have been using credit card to top up Revolut. Unfortunately, after a blissful period of quite some months where no fees were incurred if topping up Revolut by credit card, I found out that the well known processing charge of 1,75% (for UBS cards) is now back. Watch out!
Latest date I can verify that there was no surcharge is 09.11.2019
Earliest date I can verify that the surcharge was reintroduced is 30.12.2019
I wonder what happened in that month and a half inbetween :slight_smile:

@Karol for the op update

For some reason, Revolut lost the status of a Swiss Merchant, I would assume. If this is simply something that the issuer decided or if Revolut really changed something is hard to find out.

As a wild quess, perhaps they did handle these payments as a “Swiss merchant” through their Swiss collection account with CS and now reverted back to international settlement? But this assumption could be completely wrong as well and nothing changed except the classification by UBS.

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It seems as UBS just changed their fees and nothing more. Top ups witch Swisscard AECS cards are still free of any charge. Same with Neon Mastercard.

As much as I hate Curve, could you guys use it to avoid the fee?

Nope. It’s not available in Switzerland.
(Probably even if we could, the banks would charge us for “spending abroad” even though there is no currency conversion)

Lots of Swiss residents with addresses in Germany, Italy and France I think? Or at least addresses they could use (like a family address) due to the heavy amount of commuting between countries

Nope, because that would be considered illegal.
(you have to use a “Ladungsfähige Anschrift” (don’t know how it’s translated), which is the one of your residency)

You can have two places of residence :+1:

Hi, i’ve checked from my side and I still have no fees from UBS on my credit card statement (from 01.2020).