SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

Where do you see the fee being applied? Maybe I look in the wrong place.

Same like you, both mobile app and website show the fees.

In your TW account that is. Did you ever do a top-up with your Cumulus card then?

I’ve never tried because always fees were applied, always bank transfer…
Since when are you TW user?
That would be interesting to understand why you have no fees topping up with your credit card…:slight_smile:

I just signed up last month.
This is how I start the top-up.

Here you see my TW account verification.

Thx for the printscreens.
Well only difference is address confirmation, I’m also verified but not possible to add the address, I mean, it’s not even an option…Identity and bank are verified. That’s maybe the problem…
I’m user since sept 17’.

I have no idea how they have confirmed my address. Maybe because my address I used to register my TW account matches the address of my credit card?!?

On 10.0318 I toped up 100.- CHF with Cembra card without Fee. Today I just tried 100.- again. Also no Fee. But then I toped up 1000.-. For Debit and Credit card it shows 4.19 CHF. Thats 0.419%. But Bank transfer is free.

When I created my TW account I had to do an inition top-up of CHF 20.-. I used wire transfer from my bank account for that. Maybe they check the address on this transfer.

Same with me. CHF 500.- is still free of charge.

@Dillmann, is the card you use by chance Visa? They claim in the price list that a top-up with Visa Debit should be free - I only have MasterCards. Maybe it’s that?

No, it’s a MC and it’s credit not debit.

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Since TransfwerWise removed the fee to do CHF transfers, it is now possible to top-up TW account with the local Swiss IBAN, and then transfer money directly from TW to the pooled Revolut account in CHF. Remember to put your personal reference number while doing the transfer.

There is no need to order a TW debit card if you plan on using it only to top-up Revolut :slight_smile:

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Hey @Karol
Or others…
Did you try this new method? Ne fees taken by some hidden third part? Sending 100chf means 100chf on Revolut?
Thx all

Yes, TW works great with no fee. I do wire transfer to TW and then use the TW card to top-up my R account. All with no fee charged and in CHF.

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Hmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Direct bank transfer method (TW -> Revolut) doesn’t work anymore.

So we are back to:
Swiss bank --> TransferWise (by local IBAN) --> TW green card top-up to Revolut in CHF
described in the first post of the thread.

^^ this method works, and is completely free.

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Well, I think it works only with swiss IBAN, I was a bit sceptic with sending CHF to GB IBAN…
Whatever, TW card for topping still works like a charm, fingers crossed.

Hi, I use TW to top-up Revolut, I tried your solution with transfer money, but when I enter the IBAN of Revolut and the currency is CHF, TW app said the IBAN is not supported for the selected currency. Do you have this problem? I’m using Android TW App

Hey, just look 2 messages up…

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