SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


Are these cards commercial


or the gold one?


The cards are all personal. CHF card is Mastercard Silver and EEA cards are both MasterCard debit (including TW card)


The only logical explanation to this would be, that they handle the CHF top-up process through a Swiss processing company and therefore can profit from the lower fees for local, i.e. Switzerland internal, card payments. This would also explain the zero commission on the other side of the game, i.e. the fees for out of country CHF payments do not apply because they are no longer out of country.

Perhaps the deal with CS as an intermediary bank covers more than a pooled account…?!


I would contact with :r: support



Well, at least you have an clear answer now.


As usually no communication from Revolut, we can’t rely on them.
Terms and conditions are still the same, no change at all.
We have to test everything in advance, like walking through a fog, it’s more and more annoying.


there is a reddit post about that by a user and not Revolut


So basically that means we, as persons living in CH, sould be able to use our swiss cards to top up.
But what means the fees, for some, from UBS then…? They are not living in CH maybe?


I did a few tests yesterday and can also confirm that top-ups with the TW debit card are subject to fees. On the bright side, topping up with my Swiss cards is now fee free.
So I guess for people that got TW just to be able to circumvent fees with Swiss cards, this is the better solution. On the other hand, if you use TW for more than that and receive payments in multiple currencies into your borderless account, then this is a step back.


My brother had the same issue with the TW card and he talked to the support and they actually said that it was a technical issue and refunded him the fee. Let me see if I can get a screenshot from him


hmm, so basically after Brexit TW cards will become useless for R top-ups for everyone living in EU (due to 1.6% fee) becouse UK wont be in EEA anymore?


Seems to be free for all cards now (EEA and CH)


just been charged fee for non-CH card. Revolut won’t refund either the fee or the top-up.

I asked when this was notified, but apparently it wasn’t


Hi all

So I’m also caught with the change in fees for Switzerland. I contacted them yesterday and initially the guy had no idea what was happening. He then found out that indeed the issue was a change in the rules for non-EEA residents. If course he could not explain why this changed given I used this service a week ago eurgh transferwise without paying any fee. It seems like a grab for extra money with no justification. He did say information would come but seems terrible to change without any notification. I tried a test top up by bank transfer to ensure that works without fees because I’m damned if I’m paying 1.6% every time I top up.


When have you tested it? Today I haven’t had to pay a fee during top-up using TW card


I just tested again and now neither my Swiss nor my TW Card incur fees.


Hi all, has anyone topped-up with UBS card over the last few days and checked once the transaction got settled? i.e. displays “current”, not "reserved.

Did the the 1,75% surcharge apply, or not?


No fee! (Yet?)

Topped up 40CHF a few days ago. The transaction is settled now, without a fee.

Just hope that no fee is charged at the end of the month…


I used my bonuscard Visa card to top up. No Revolut fee, but got the normal 2% fee for CHF transaction abroad. I am a Swiss resident.

The pooled IBAN worked as expected (including slowness to apply credit)

So I guess there is no Swiss based intermediary handling the top up such that my Visa card thinks it’s a local transaction