SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


hello makmic,
thanks for your info! Could you please tell me, how I can top up Revolut
by using this CHF-IBAN of Credit-Suisse (pooled Account).
I am holding a bank account at Postfinance…
Would be glad since, I will travel to Japan for a1 month. There I’ll hardly need revolut…


Hi, its easy. Just use your online banking account at “Postfinance”, if you dont have, go there and give them IBAN from your “Revolut” acc.


As toni said:
Open Revolut, chose your CHF account, push the + button, chose “Bank Transfer”, Local, and you’ll get a picture like that with your own Reference number (I erased mine here).

When in Postfinance, you send the amount you wish to the IBAN above, with your Reference Nb as a comment.


got it. thanks,
I have an online.account at Postfinance…


I’ll try it. Thanks…


thanks for this. very useful. I’ll try it.



Since the 1st of february, if you are a swiss resident, topping up with a swiss card it will be free!!

I just tried with my UBS card and it’s 0% fees !


Are you sure it is really free? Is the transaction already settled or still pending on the UBS side?


sure!!! i topped up 100 chf and i was debited 100 chf in my mastercard credit card, in the preview of the topup you can see also 0% fee.



Yes, that’s true, but ubs will charge you 1.75%. So it is not a good option.

There is now a fee for Transferwise … no idea why!

but the transfer to the CH IBAN works well for me and therefore I need no further possibility.


are you sure that UBS will charge you 1.75% ?


No fee either with my Cumulus Mastercard. But Cembra will charge me some percentage because it counts as a CHF transaction in another country.

And now there is also a 1.67% fee for topping up with TW… At least now we have a CH IBAN.


UBS document: Zahlung im Ausland in CHF



this issue already appeared back in December and is not consistent
also pinging @far_superior


It seems it’s free but be sure and check your account in Cembra (for exemple) if you really don’t have any fee (and let us know please).

Regarding TW, it seems there are fees now, even if the card appears as a GBP card. So be careful.


That seems weird as the TW card is EEA issued.
Did anybody talk to the support about this?


apparently they changed the fees mechanism as the 1st of February : now you have a fee if you topup with a card issued outside your country residence. I don’t know if this is valid only for people living outside EU (i.e. Switzerland) or for everyone.


Are you refering to Revolut? I do not see any changes in the fee table in the terms https://www.revolut.com/legal/fees - Top-Up Charges


You’re right, I’ve two cards issued in the EEA and one issued in Switzerland. It’s free to top-up with the Swiss card but I get charged when I want to top-up with my EEA cards… :frowning:


@AndreasK can you explain this?