SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


You can just send the money from Revolut back to your bank account if that’s what you want to do.
In Revolut: Payments -> Bank transfer


Looks like the fees for transferring from Revolut -> Swiss bank keep increasing… Was just charged 12 CHF (!!!) for a transfer of 150 CHF to my UBS account.

So much for “free SWIFT transfers” and “avoiding hidden fees”…


I have done a CHF transfer to an account at Credit Suisse (not mine, just to pay the bill) and the full amount was credited. The amount was also a slightly higher than 150 CHF.

Is this specific to UBS then?

When I did a test transfer a few weeks ago to my own bank account (10 CHF only) I was able to confirm that the transfer was sent by REVOLUT using SWIFT, with “OUR” option, meaning “all costs covered by the sending bank”. Why sending to UBS would be different?


Revolut has CHF sent with SHA and UBS adds fees on incoming SHA transfers



Hi guys, just looking for direct experience. Quick description of my situation (very common): I don’t live in Switzerland but I have a Swiss client who pays me in CHF, so I just got my Revolut CHF account.
After installing the app, I see the CHF account has a local and a swift section. I suppose to give my client the local details with Revolut ltd as beneficiary and code reference (it sounds weird invoicing with a third company account, but that is. I would have preferred the account had my name). Later, I need to exchange those CHF to euro: what is the best route?

CHF client bank>my CHF Revolut Iban > TW borderless euro account> my euro bank account?
Or better exchange CHF to Euro within Revolut, to my bank?

Any hidden fees?


Swiss IBAN is coming…


You can exchange CHF to EUR at Revolut and directly transfer to your Euro bank account, skipping TW. SEPA payments, at least according to my experiences, do not have any fees on the receiving end.

Transfer from revolut is free and it is not a SWIFT payment with possible hidden fees.


Watch out, Revolut allows personal income, but business transactions are not allowed unless you pay for a business account. You risk them shutting down your account and locking you out of your money.


Swiss IBAN is already there since December


are you sure?? Transferts from Revolut to ANY Swiss accounts are totally free. And now even from any swiss account to Revolut are totally free since December with the new pooled iban. Are you sure you used the correct procedure?


The 17th of January I have sent from Revolut to my UBS account 1100 CHF and the transfer was totally free, so what are you talking about?


While until December 4th all payments from my revolut accout to Swiss bank accounts arrived without fees, since December 5th (exactly the time since when top ups in Switzerland are possible via Credit Suisse) for eacht transaction below CHF 1000 a fee of CHF 12 and for each transaction above CHF 1000 a fee of CHF 14 is charged. As Revolut as well as the receiving banks gave me the answer that they do not charge fees, it must be a new way of chanelling payments to Switzerland.


As Revolut do payments through Credit Suisse, I’m not sure how you work this one out. That’s how your money goes into Revolut and how it’s paid out to local Swiss bank accounts.


I made a payment (100 CHF) on December 26th to ubs and one to transferwise, both were without fee.


The swiss bank account was available on the 25th not the 5th


I think you are doing something wrong. With the new Credit Suisse IBAN , it’s a normal transfert Switzerland -> Switzerland like if you are paying a friend, so it’s totally free. Which fees you are talking about ? Are you sure you used the CH iban and not the GB one ?


Since the introduction of the new shared account in Switzerland (CH IBAN , at Credit Suisse) , the question of TopUp in CHF (subject of this thread) is solved. No hidden fees any more, no need to use the TransferWise way anymore.


According to customer service the GB REVO IBAN instead of LLoyds as well as CS Omnibus account were opened on the 5th. It was made available on the app on the 25th.


My problem is not the top up, which now works perfectly, but the other way around. As every payment from my CHF Revolut account to a swiss bank now is charged - not by revolut, not by the receiving bank, but on the wa. If I send for exampla CHF 100 only CHF 88 are credited on the Swiss bank account. Thsi was not the case for all payments until and including December 4th (I did several of them to different banks). For all payments since December 11 (around 10 eiter CHF12 for the amounts below CHF 1000 or CHF 14 for those above CHF 1000) are missing.


Thats interesting. Thanks a lot. So I’ll try sending money to the UBS account of a colleague. My payments which were charged on the way were to Postfinance and Credit Agricole. Both banks assured me that they were not charging the CHF 12.