SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


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It shouldn’t happen anymore anyway :wink:

…unless they have it changed again in the future :laughing:

Hi, does this technique work with TW business cards? I’m thinking of registering as a sole trader.

Idea for free Swiss topup: TWINT (instantaneous, web-based transfers from partner bank accounts)
Another way would be to get a proper IBAN and not a shared IBAN that requires a lot of validation :slight_smile:


Please Can anyone confirm topup with UBS credit card still free or it charge 1.75% .

I’ve used it last month and it was still free.

I got charged again 1.5% with cumulus credit card on 16.06.2020.

I know, they are aware of the issue and they will rembourse the customers, Cumulus is free again

Great idea!!! the issue here is that Twint requires paying fees to them, I’m not sure Revolut would agree to that

Just got charged as well from Cembra Moneybank for topping up with CHF.

But the ones after 15.06 were for free, right?

Btw, what’s up with those 99.99 top-ups and not 100.00? :slight_smile:

Just received my monthly Cembra Cumulus statement. I made 2 two CHF topups on 18.6 and 23.6. Both were without additional charge from Cembra.

I just found a charge over 8.50 CHF on my Cembra statement. I have not made any topup with that amount. And strangely the description of the charge is as follows:
“RevolutRevolut Internet CHE"
while regular topups are shown as: "Revolut**xxxx
revolut.com GBR”
I’ve called cembra money bank and they said its not a fee, they have no fees with Revolut at this point. And they offered me to do a charge back, but it would cost me 80.- CHF if it turns out to be a legit transaction. Revolut itself said they don’t see any transaction on my account of that amount.
Any idea what this could be?


I have serious troubles with TOP UP on Revolut.

The Reference number as required by Revolut isn’t accepted by my e-Banking (PostFinance).
I’ve inserted as follows: “Ref.-Number, my Name, CH”…
Therefor I had to leave the Reference blank…

Do you have any suggestions?

Never had problem use same bank as you… :sweat_smile:

“number, surname name, CH”

I have a similar reference-related question. I wanted to send money via Transferwise, which unfortunately does not allow a comma (like “,”) to be entered in the reference. And the transfer failed (as others previously said) with the number only. Any idea is there a way around this to send money TW -> Revolut?

More context: I wanted to use TW because it, unlike Revolut. allows me to use my US debit cards that do not have 3-D secure enabled or that have my previous zip code (Revolut dissallows entering a zip code different from your current one since I moved US -> Switzerland recently).


Why not just use your TW Debit card to Top up Revolut ? I think this is how many people are doing it. This works without problems, except the the bug in the Revolut app which somehow “fixes” the currency of the source card when its added.

The first time I topped up Revolut using the TW card with CHF. The next time I attempted to top up, using the same card, but this time I wanted to have USD, since I had just wired (from the US) USD to my TW account, but the top up failed. Several times. I then deleted the card in the Revolut app, and immediately did the (USD) top up again and it worked as expected without issue.

Since Revolut no longer provides local CHF account information for users who are not signed up in CH, using TW as an intermediary is an ideal solution, with the only downside being the limits on cards, which you dont have with a bank transfer…


Yes, I think this will solve my issue (and hopefully other peoples’ ones). Thank you so much for the elegant solution and the heads-up for the bug :slight_smile:

I use only the line Mitteilungszeile 1/Messageline 1 and nothing in the reference line. This works for me to top up via postfinance.

Actually, the bug seems to be even worse than I thought. I attempted another USD topup with the same card, and again, it failed. Multiple times. Deleted the card, and did the topup again, entering the same info (obviously), and it went right through. Oh well.