SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

Got also Swisscard (Business one) problem to top up Revolut from 18 January . Used that for one year without problem.
Suddently denied top up.
I learned after several call that I need to activate cash advance for make it work again.
Guess the fees :crazy_face:

Thanks for your reply but it’s not useful. I didn’t ask something that I already know.

This is the official reply from Cembra on Twitter


Of course it was helpful.
No question is necessary just to get good help.

But since you already knew it, I think you just wanted to collect selfish points.
The fees are not out of the blue, they have been known for a long time. Now the fees are only implemented consistently. So, use revolut fair as intended or cry because of the fees.



what is your problem? selfish points ? what are you talking about? I have asked something very specific: which CREDIT CARD is still free, and he replied “make a money transfer to the pooled account”. Everybody knows that the money transfer is free, the issue is that it takes 2-3 days for the money to be there, as it’s instantly with a credit card. So his comment was completely useless.

BTW i’m not selfish at all, as I started a thread on twitter and Cembra is apparently working on this, so if you want to help the community, do the same, instead of writing another useless comment like you did.

if you don’t want to accept help, we can’t help.
my weekly transfers always reach my account after midnight.
less than 24h, whether from ubs, cler or neon. That is the help I can offer.

All swiss credit cards have shown fees except neon. sooner or later everyone will close this gap! looking for a gap is therefore pointless. but good luck with that.

BTW: my reaction relates to your answer to @OliverCH .We don’t know what you already know or don’t want to know. Describing his help as useless was cheeky.


I didn’t ask for your comment though, who do you think you are? the owner of the community ? btw not only your comments are useless, but you are also spreading fake news, because we tested different credit cards in the past (you can see a resumed scheme in some posts ago) and it’s not true that Neon is the only one without fees:

  • UBS credit cards are free (last test 10 of January 2020)
  • all Swisscards (miles and more, cashback, etc) are free
  • Migros Cembra were free until the 22nd of January and they are working on it, like they said.

about your comment: “we don’t know what you already now”. First of all: “we”? are you different persons? Secondly: my question was crystal clear: CREDIT CARD not bank transfer. So again: pointless comment.

The question who are you? that you consider other well-meaning comments like @OliverCH to be useless for the whole community? You are certainly better than me in this decision.

The WE also referred to @OliverCH well made suggestion … which you (and therefore the whole community) don’t want to hear.

But you are right … I am actually not allowed to write for @OliverCH. But since he wrote the comment, I think WE (he and I) meant it well.

Also the information that the money in less than 24 hours at Revolut is nobody in the community, then I’m sorry, but who are you that you could decide? Are you the owner of the community?

You are simply solution-resistant.
Use TW or neon.
Or use neon directly abroad without going through Revolut.
If you use NEON as your main account you have the MC course which is not much worse and you have no transfer time. Your money is already in the account.

Fake news? Each KK (NO Fake News) shows in its fee documents fees for foreign transactions in CHF! (search for yourself)
But correct…. Not everyone applies them “right now”! But haha, your F ******* CK! I used to top up tousends of CHF every month via MC… can happen to you again without any prior warning.

So for the rest of the community … the safe way without fee shock is the way via bank transfer.

So, my solution if you still haven’t understood this from my writing:
(Otherwise at least as a help for other comuntity members.)

  • Use neon without revolut.
  • Use neon for Revolut
  • Use KK from UBS UNTIL F ***** CK fee schock after top up tousens of CHF
  • Use swisscards UNTIL F ***** CK fee schock after top up tousens of CHF

For those who want advice: use bank transfer
For everyone else, use a KK, but don’t be surprised if suddenly fees arise.


Wow dudes, calm down please!!
Can we agree that the answer “use the banktransfer” wasn’t very suitable to “which credit card is still free?”?

Look, for some time now, Revolut does EVERYTHING to make its service hard to use in CH.

So we now face two fractions in this community:
those who are/become annoyed about :r:'s behaviour in Switzerland, and those who are ready to fight to the bitter end for :r:

It’s very simple: as soon the answer is "use your mainbanc (because Revolut isn’t an alternative in CH) to topup Neon or Transferwise (who both recently made some ground againt :r: and are about outmatching Revolut!), so one can top up the revolut-account and use said one as intented, it is a VERY bad (as in “you can’t measure the magnitude of badness”) for Revolut.
Remember the slogan they use? “Beyond banking”?

It’s on Revolut, not the users who ask for “what is still working”! So please those defening :r: -it would be better to - like those who are annoyed about the messed up service - ask Revolut WHY, WHERE and WHEN. Hint: :r: communicates worse than UBS in Switzerland!


@ the-mike: i agree with you in many points, and yes, when asked “which credit card is still free?” it is not a solution.
But the title is still top-up -> working method.
I was still looking for functioning KK when no local bank transfer was possible.

“EVERYTHING to make its service hard to use in CH”

I cannot entirely agree with you here.
from the beginning of 2017 until the introduction of the CH bank transfer, the use was much more arduous:

  • Changing IBAN from LT to GB
  • Changing fees for CHF KK top-ups
    This has calmed down since the introduction of the CS IBAN (except for the no / name / CH story)
  • Easy bank transfer
  • No fee for charging by KK from Revolut.

Seen in this way, revolut has done a lot of things that make it easier for me as a Swiss than in 2017!
Even offering a KK top-up is not really necessary for good service as long as a bank transfer is possible.
In no CH bank can I load my account via KK. As long as the users do not use the pooled account, Revolut does not endeavor to introduce a personal IBAN. Many would continue to KK top up. Only for miles etc.


FYI Cembra is working on it


Apparently Mastercard changed Revolut’s MCC. It was 6012 (Financial institutions merchandise and services) before, and they changed it to 4829 (Wire Transfer - Money Orders).

Waiting for more clarity from Cembra myself.

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hey guys super news coming from Cembra:


I did a topup with my Cumulus card (Booking 18.02, Payment 19.02) and didn’t pay any fees. Hopefully, that will stay this way :slight_smile:


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It shouldn’t happen anymore anyway :wink:

…unless they have it changed again in the future :laughing:

Hi, does this technique work with TW business cards? I’m thinking of registering as a sole trader.

Idea for free Swiss topup: TWINT (instantaneous, web-based transfers from partner bank accounts)
Another way would be to get a proper IBAN and not a shared IBAN that requires a lot of validation :slight_smile:


Please Can anyone confirm topup with UBS credit card still free or it charge 1.75% .

I’ve used it last month and it was still free.