SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

The Swisscard “Cashback” Card (it is a postpaid card) doesn’t charge any fee

I have topped up today using my PostFinance Visa Classic and I confirm : no fees.
I will check at the end of the month if I get the 0.3% cashback from PostFinance for the transaction.

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Hi everyone,

sorry if it’s OT, but I just ordered my new Revolut card and topped-up my account with 10.- just to try it (with Postfinance Master Card). Now I’d like to top-up 250.- to use it with Apple Pay but it says my top-up limit is CHF 250.-/PER YEAR which makes no sense since we all probably use it more than that. When I try to top-up it says I have to verify my account to lift my limits but I already did that and received all the confirmation. Any ideas? I would close my account if that is the limit, I would like to use it as first method of payment so I don’t have to carry any other cards anymore. Thank you!

That’s great, thanks for the confirmation :+1:

I think your identity has not been confirmed yet. This is the normal procedure to be compliant with the anti money laundering law.

Once you will have your identity confirmed, you will have no limits

so just to recap:

0% fees on top ups with:

  • ubs credit cards
  • migros credit card
  • postfinance credit card
  • all cards emitted by Swisscards

up to 3% fees with other swiss cards

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on top of what marcolino81 said: newly added card have a low daily limit that increases over time.

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Im allways topping up my :r: from my “Credit Suisse” bank account. It was allways possible to send money from your “CS Iban” to “:r: CS Iban” on Saturday night and after midnight, Sunday at 1am it was allready on your :r: last few weeks its not possible anymore :frowning: …now you can send only between monday and friday within business hours…ofc, you can allways top up with credit card…but… :frowning:

An update to my previous post. I checked my PostFinance statement today and I confirm that you also get the 0.3% cashback from PostFinance when using the PostFinance Visa Classic to top-up the Revolut account.

A little update for those, who - like me - gotten the notification about the changes a little too late:


Apparently, the reference-number is no longer sufficient. Now, the reference-details must contain:
1st line: 8 digit ref-number, followed by a comma (!)
2nd line: your first and last name as they appear on the ID/passport, followed by a comma (!)
3rd line: your country of origin.

Each in a separate line, separated by a comma (and nothing else than a comma!) . Best to check the details as shown in the app.

Apparently, judging from the rejected payment I entered yesterday, the changes have been made without a transition time. Well thanks :r:, at least i got some days until the failed top-up is needed, but still…

(It’s not like the payers details aren’t transmitted with each payment or something!? Edit: I seriously am annoyed, sry. At least give us a warning BEFORE making changes that will lead to rejected top-ups!)


In addition to this the details in the app were adjusted (already looking forward to failed transfers due to umlauts).
It just sucks when you do regular transfers and have not seen the change because of the missing notification in the app.

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At least they are shown correctly in the app. I’ll try with a small amount soon…

Thanks a lot for the warning.

@Revolut: failed communication once again…

heads up for neon users: the app (android) will not accept line breaks.
I am testing if it works without them but still separated by commas

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More like failed banking basics once again.

Which is easy for Revolut to do but actually incorrect as the bank transfer does not support these characters.

Unsurprisingly my first test transfer without line breaks failed. (parsing comma separated values is SO hard)

Did it bounce correclty to your account? My first transfer with the three lines, the first two ending with coma and my name with umlaut failed (app popup this morning regarding rejected transfer, but I could not read it and I can’t find it in the app. Support does not know anything.,…).
Curious how this ends… and annoying!

I don’t think they can send it back right away. I would guess that CS processes (and accepts) the transfers at noon when all transfers are exchanged among banks in Switzerland. Then provides Revolut with the transfer data and Revolut checks them at night.
All failed transfers then have to be sent back during another noon timeframe - which would have been today ideally.
I am not sure about the last part as Revolut is know to keep money in the banking loop if they couldn’t be assigned. (though they did detect my reference number to send a push notification)

The message just says something alone the lines: *couldn’t credit amount x to you as reference “” did not match the requirements. see the bank information of your CHF account to see correct format"

So I’m checking my regular bank account tomorrow for the reject… I’ll keep you posted. But I’m still not sure how this shall work.
Assuming the umlaut really caused the error, shall we translate like ä to ae, ö to oe and ü to ue? Any experience already?

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In my case ö was already changed to oe so I did another transfer with o instead of ö like my name is written on the card.
I can only guess what could work, and ultimately complain to the customer service.