SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account


Have anyone tried topping up with Google Pay? I just did and from what I can see it’s 0 fees with a Swiss VISA card in CHF - am I missing something?


I use simple bank transfer via from UBS CHF account. There are no fees to my knowledge, but I use a CHF revolut account, so there is no FX involved.


the BEN fees are now applied at UBS, 5CHF


Just topped up with G Pay (underlying UBS credit card) and it worked without fees. Only topped up with a small amount…


UBS tranfer with BEN option is still free for me. Received full amount 5 mins ago.


@dandi reported otherwise


For me it was not free. Transferred 450 CHF from UBS and only 445 CHF have arrived at the Revolut Account :frowning:


I got very excited because I topped up 10CHF when I registered using Google Pay without any fees. Sadly now that I try to top up for the second time I do get fees. Maybe it’s just Revolut eating up the fees for the first top up ? Could you confirm if you’re in the same situation ? Thanks !


Make sure that you check your card statement after topping-up through Google Pay / Apple Pay - I have seen cases when the DCC code of the merchant was different for Google Pay than topping-up directly with the card, and the bank considered it a cash advance.


I top up 20CHF with Google Pay (mastercard cumulus) without fee.


The same for me.

I used to top up from UBS to Revolut in CHF, with all costs to beneficiary. It used to be free.

For the first time 5 CHF in the transfer were charged. I think it comes from UBS but not 100% sure.

Anyone could say what has changed or any alternatives?



Google Pay with MC without any fees as well, tested this morning. That’s good !


Why you folks have Google Pay in Switzerland?!? Did they (finally) start with a Beta-Porgram? (If it’s invitation-based… “thanks for the invitation” :wink:


Because we don’t have any CH IBAN :wink:
Joke apart I have no idea why, just tried this morning and that’s it…And I don’t know anything about any Beta-program nor invitation sorry.
I have GPay in the top up option for a while but wasn’t allowed to use it since I tried again today.


lets see how fast swiss banks will react to this and add ‘foreign payment’ fees :grin:
meanwhile it’s great to have this option


what you mean with “I have GPay in the top up option”




thank you I didn’t see that.



No… I ment: how do you have Google Pay available in Switzerland (on your Phones!!) - is google pay finally available in CH? (not talking about the topup-option in revolut)


I’ll let you have a look there: https://support.google.com/pay/answer/9023773?hl=en
It seems GPay is available in CH only for online and in-app purchases, no stores…