SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

The initial threads of Most cost-efficient top-up methods for Switzerland became unmanageable (over 600 posts in total) and I cannot edit the summary anymore, therefore I decided to provide an updated summary for Swiss-based Revolut users .

All information as of Q3 2018 - please use with caution (as things/charges can change any time) and on your own responsibility.

Swiss-issued Debit or Credit cards are not a free option any more for Revolut top-ups
Have a look on the following alternative methods:

1. through TransferWise local, Swiss IBAN + card (free for everybody) :grinning::star_struck::smile:

  • You will need to setup an account with Transferwise, apply for the Debit Card, change the card’s limits, and use the card to top-up Revolut.
  • All the steps for the new commers:
  • Now you are ready to:
    • :six: Make a local transfer to the TransferWise account in CHF
    • :seven: Use the Borderless Debit Card to top-up Revolut for free
    • :eight: if asked by Revolut if you really want to use TW card with CHF choose “Yes, continue”
  • Caution: Revolut exchange rates are better than TW (especially on weekdays), so it is usually not worth using the TW card directly.

2. CurrencyFair local, Swiss IBAN (3 CHF/transfer) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Local Swiss transfer --> your own CurrencyFair account
  • CurrencyFair --> Revolut Swiss IBAN (3 CHF) (@fudder)

3. SWIFT bank transfer to the shared Revolut account in CHF (cost depends on your bank) :neutral_face:

  • UBS: choose the BEN option, make sure it is a SWIFT transfer in CHF --> free (@Szak1)
  • PostFinance --> total cost depending on the amount, 2 CHF for the transfer, the rest is taken from the amount being send:
    • up to 100 CHF (to be confirmed) --> total cost: 2 CHF
    • 101-10000 CHF --> total cost: 8-25 CHF
    • 10001 and more --> total cost: 12-25 CHF
  • Credit Suisse --> small amounts ~10CHF transferred for free, most probably higher amount will cause a significant fee when transferred as SWIFT. As reported by @uxgb with “Bonviva” package, transfers done choosing SEPA but in CHF are fee free.
  • other banks --> ?
    While testing these methods be careful: charges on the sender bank side might appear later than expected as some banks show these costs on the statements only at the end of month / end of year

Which actually is a wonderful occasion to bring up the eternal topic. :sunglasses:

@anon33247966 @pearcerevolut @revolut @olga_revolut @anon71086934 @rafael_revolut
Is there already any realistic timeframe, you can make public, as to when Revolut will offer a local point of presence for top ups in Switzerland, respectively a decision to offer that in the first place?

Not that I expect any sort of response this time, but, well :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:


Transferwise made some changes today, it is now possible to do transfers in 30 currencys without fees, IF the transfer is within the same currency, eg. EUR to EUR, CHF to CHF aso…

Unfortunatly, I can’t test for myself right now (one needs money to do so) - but now, it should be possible to top-up the revolut-account via normal bank-transfer (without card)… Depending on if revolut can digest topups from companys, that is… (as, afaik, TW is not using name & address of the “account-holder” (tell me if this info is outdated))

Pls. see link, point 2 “sending money to the same currency”

I use tw USD-USD transfer very frequently, because cards are not available to business accounts, it works fine but it took 2 days last time. I guess CHF-CHF will be faster as it doesn’t have to cross the Atlantic.

Let me guess the answer; it’s around the corner :joy:

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Presumably, you see, that very corner over there, five miles down the street. Let me lend you my binoculars - its right there.

I was actually going to mention the corner, but then thought I might have already exhaused my share of being mean today with the remark that I am not expecting a response anyhow :slight_smile:

I’ve toped up my TW account with my Cembra (MMM) Mastercard. Until now I see no fee being applied by Cembra.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

Sorry, no experience with Cembra Mastercard.
But there was a fee charged by TransferWise, right?

No, not so far.
I added CHF 100.- and thats what it shows on my TW account.
Does TW charge fees afterwards?

It shows me 1.2-1.3% fee directly in TW

But the bank transfer is free.

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I also just checked the TW-Page, it states Visa Debit shall be free, others a few percent fee…

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That’s very strange.
It looks different on my account.

I tried with CHF 10.- and CHF 100.-. It doesn’t show any fee.


they have different fee structure for business and personal accounts, that could be the difference. also the amount can be playing a role.

If I use my Cembra card I can collect some Cumulus points. That would be an advantage over the wire transfer.

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Be care, because on your bank statement you will be charged of 2% for payment of CHF abroad, I got the same with the Viseca card (BCGE) and they charged me on the bill 1.75% for every payment to Revolut or TransferWise.

I payed the fee on TransferWise only when I put the money to activate the account, after that, always free.

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I can’t see any fee on my Cembra statement when I transfer to TW. I see it when transferring to R.

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My TW account is (also) a private one. Looks like they are testing different price points on different users then :slight_smile:


I also have a private account and will have 1.30chf fees if I top-up 100chf from my Cembra credit card.
Which kind of account do you have @Dillmann?

At TW I have a private account.
Do you also have the Cumulus card from Cembra?
Maybe other cards do have other settings.

Then lucky you :slight_smile:
Yes I have the Migros Cumulus card from Cembra too.