SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


But transferwise charge 0.6€ for a Sepa wire. Here is free. But all depend on what kynd services you need.


No, TW charges you nothing if you use their borderless account, there is no fixed fee for private customers, only for business customers :wink: @LuisCunha


Not anymore. They recently updated their prices.


In my case UBS is saying they will charge me a CHF 5.- fee for a CHF transfer:
Ausführung als Zahlungsauftrag Ausland. Bei der Kostenoption “Alle Kosten zu Lasten Begünstigter” wird der Preis von CHF 5 dem Begünstigten verrechnet (zusätzliche Kosten bei Zahlungen von einem UBS Sparkonto) und zusammen mit allfälligen Fremdkosten vom Überweisungsbetrag abgezogen.


any bank charging for a sending or receiving a SWIFT/SHA or SEPA transfer deserves to be boycotted. you can always move to another.


I transferred CHF 20’000 in May that way and didn’t pay anything, neither side


I agree, but CHF are SWIFT transfer.

For EUR SEPA transfer UBS is charging 0.3CHF, but this is Switzerland so for me this is OK :slight_smile:


SEPA transfers are free with SGKB (St. Galler Kantonalbank) :slight_smile:


I like Wildhaus :slight_smile:


Haha yes, nice place to go skiing :slight_smile:
Do you live in the near of Wildhaus?


Not at all but I spent a whole week there a few years ago :slight_smile:

Thanks for SGKB, I’ll check.


you can open a free german EUR account. Topup with GERMAN bank account to Revolut works without problem.


Topup free of charge in SWITZERLAND works with:

  1. Transwerise (tested)
  2. German Bank account (free of charge and also tested)
  3. some swiss banks accepts SEPA with BIC REVOGB21


How should this help with transferring francs?


REVOGB21 is the BIC for your EUR IBAN. All Swiss banks have to accept it as a SEPA transfer (otherwise you can complain)


No they dont have to accept this…


transferwerise can made in swiss frangs…


Credit Suisse group is not interested to give the opportunity to make free topup to revolut cause " competetitive " to their partner swisscard…


complain didnt helped…tried everything


close the account and move to another bank.