SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


I find your point very strange. The whole goal of signing up for Revolut is to show the middle finger to traditional banks, taking 1%-2% commissions here and there.

The other users are doing research how a specific (Swiss) situation can be also free, and share their experience diligently on this forum. Then you label this as “fiddling” and “wasting their time”?

I’m regularly spending my Swiss salary abroad, which almost always involves currency exchange. So far I estimate having saved almost 500EUR in just six months, mainly thanks to fellow forumers figuring out how to not let intermediary banks charge ridiculous amounts for transfer fees.

If you don’t mind those fees, can I ask what exactly was your point to sign up for Revolut? Why do you waste your time to fiddle with downloading the app at all?


Just one stupid question. When using the transferwise method in which currency do you need to activate your TW account (EUR or GBP?) to be able to have no fees on the transfer to revolut (through the mastercard provided by transferwise)?



Well the goal is to transfer CHF from your Swiss bank to Revolut without fees (but through TW), so we don’t need any EUR or GBP account on TW but only CHF :wink:


I don’t think you realky get my point. Are you a TW user? Indeed in TW you cannot activate your account in CHF… and btw this method only allows in transfer in Revolut without fees, that’s it.


I’m TW user and I use it to transfer my CHF to Revolut without fees. And I have a CHF account on TW where to send my money.
Maybe I didn’t get your point I assume.
Little question, what is your mother tongue? If french I can help you maybe better…


@Hawkblesker May I ask if you are transferring CHF from TW to Revolut using the TW Borderless card? If yes, what address do you put when Revolut asks for it? Thanks!


Yes I use the TW borderless card to top up my Revolut CHF account. I use my real address, same as Revolut, in Switzerland.

You’re welcome! :wink:


Yes, it worked for me! Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t want to be rude or offense you. I will write you in pm :wink:


If anyone still didn’t create an account on TransferWise for free fee CHF transfer to Revolut, feel free tu use my referral link, you will also have one free bank transfer to an other money (EUR, CZK, USD, etc) :slight_smile:
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Thanks to you guys


Hello Swiss team :switzerland:! Do you also have a daily limit to top up Revolut using your TW debit card? Any idea how to remove this limit despite being completely verified? Merci vilmal

EDIT: @Karol just saw your post:

This is a usual daily limit imposed by Revolut on newly added cards (security reasons).
After around 2 weeks of regular top-ups with the new card, the limit will disappear.

Thanks a lot!



It seems the more you top up, the more the limit goes high, and it’s quite low for the first top up.


Hi guys :slight_smile:

If you like my petition, please like my post so that we increase the possibility to get an answer from Revolut

Link: UK Current account for Swiss Citizens.

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Thanks @gabriel1231!
I hope UK current accounts for Swiss citizens will be available soon!


Transferred 1000CHF from Postfinance in Switzerland to Revolut CHF account via IBAN, obviously through Lloyds. Postfinance charged no fees. Received 969,33CHF(!) in the Revolut account. 3% loss an a CHF to CHF transfer is outrageous in my eyes, no matter what I might save later on currency exchange. Revolut of course blamed it on the intermediary. So my experience is much worse than paying a fixed amount of say 20CHF, especially if you think about transferring higher sums than 1000CHF. BTW, when I transfer CHF to CHF from CH to Germany with IBAN it functions like SEPA and the cost is exactly zero.
Best, Ludwig


I would recommend to use a TW borderless account, with this method you don’t have to pay any fees :slight_smile:

It would be really nice if you could give us an update about a SWISS top-up IBAN @AndreasK @revolut


Not gonna happen


Revolut really needs to have a local collection account on every non-EUR country it supports. to allow people to top-up their accounts. the whole thing is pointless without a local method to top up your base currency.


I totally agree with you! They should do it like TransferWise :slight_smile:


Really dude… Send to euro IBAN in Revolut and you’ll receive 50€, why all this changes? In Switzerland every bank have euro IBAN. That is not even an issue. Even without Swiss IBAN, you can send Swiss francs to Revolut account too. You can send all currencies. Revolut have Account for every currency they work with.