SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account

Hello can you explain to me what is this TFW card ? Trying to search on the net but can’t found anything about it, thanks

See here:


TW means Transferwise. It is almost the same as Revolut. The thing is they have Swiss IBAN so transfer will be easier and free from BCV to Transferwise. Then it’s free to transfer from TW to Revolut. But for me it still annoying anyway…
Je parle aussi français si jamais c’est pas clair.

BUUUUUUT! As Andrea just said, Swiss IBAN is just around the corner (but we don’t know which one…)

Yeah as it’s my first transfer I making mistake, but the problem is not from this, because they charged me only two cents to to GPB to Euros

Merci pour ta réponse HawkB. Excuse-moi je suis assez nul en transfert d’argent mais j’ai utilisé le mode Sepa depuis ma Bcv. Est-ce que ça ne veut pas dire que le transfert est gratuit ?

Pas de problème je suis aussi novice, j’apprends sur le tas. Concernant les virements SEPA à la BCV il semble qu’ils soient gratuits mais je n’ai jamais essayé. La plupart du temps les personnes qui ont fait des transferts SEPA autre que BCV ont eu la plupart du temps des frais allant de 8chf à 15chf environ, ça dépend des banques. Du coup ça semble aller pour toi, à vérifier en fin de mois.
Sinon concernant ta différence de frais je ne peux malheureusement pas te l’expliquer désolé.

Moi j’ai essayé un virement SEPA dimanche depuis Postfinance. C’est gratuit, reçu le lundi sur Revolut. Mais le “problème” c’est que SEPA c’est pour Single Euro Payments Area. Donc la conversion CHF-EUR doit être faite avant (par Postfinance dans mon cas)… et donc on profite pas des taux Revolut pour ça.

On revient donc de toute façon à Transferwise en attendant le Swiss IBAN, un jour peut-être…

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c’est aussi ma conclusion…

De mon côté j’ai téléphoné à La Bcv et ils m’ont certifié que le taux de change était appliqué par la banque qui reçoit le transfert.

Dimanche (16.04) j’ai fait un virement SEPA PostFinance CHF --> Revolut EUR
Le taux du change concret a été de 1.2021 (relevé Postfinance)
Ce jour la sur Revolut il était dans les 1.187 - 1.188
et si on regarde sur https://www.xe.com/currencytables/?from=EUR&date=2018-04-16 il est bien de 1.1872196915
Je suis donc étonné que la BCV ne fasse pas comme PF.

Same question @anon33247966 :slight_smile:

A roughliest rough guideline of some rough nature maybe? :pray: Just roughly :wink: though more precise than “around the corner” :rofl:

Thats the issue, there isnt really.


Le taux de change de la BCV était de 1. 218

When topping up money in TW, make sure to create a “top-up announcement” in the app. I set up a recurring payment to TW without doing that and as soon as TW received the money, they sent it back to me because I hadn’t announce the transfer to them. As the announcement stays valid for 2 days only, make sure to create it not too far in advance.

It’s a bit annoying but I can cope with it.

I believe this is the “old” TW way. It should be easier with the Borderless Account.

Unfortunately not, happened to me last week. And TW support confirmed that for the time being the announcements are still necessary for the money to arrive and stay in the TW account.

Honestly, I think you’re confusing the TW account with the Borderless account. With the personal account details, there is no pre-notification necessary. I tested it with a regular EUR SEPA transfer.

This is from the TW Website about using the personal GBP details:

These are your very own bank details to receive British pounds with zero fees.

This isn’t a bank account, so you don’t need to fill in any forms or have a UK proof of address. Just give your account name, number and sort code, along with the local address listed with your details (this is either TransferWise or one of our partners’ address) to your friends, company or customers to send you British pounds from any UK bank account and no-one pays any fees.

This is your unique account number and sort code, issued by TransferWise to you personally. If you have any further questions about how your local bank details work, just get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Sorry for the confusion, my fault. I just found that out now: TW groups currencies into two tiers: the one’s where they provide local personal account details (no pre-notification needed) and a lager number of additional currencies “without [personal] bank details” – CHF is in the the 2nd group.


TransferWise Beta is ending.

They will soon make it possible for all their users to order cards on the website (not in Beta) - there will be no need to fill in the typeform on point 2 (please look at the first post for more details).

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Any news for swiss IBAN :-(:frowning_face: