SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


I’ve just received the full amount of my 10 CHF test transfer. So there is no fee, if you send CHF from your Revolut account to a Raiffeisen CHF account. @bastian.holdermann @redecvi @Karol


So it looks like it is UBS related. Anyone tested this with an UBS account?


I just signed up to TW (card on the way) and trying to understand best way for top up CHF from UBS to Revolut via TW. I made a transfer from UBS to TW CHF account no problem, no fees. Now trying to top up Revolut from TW borderless account. My Revolut CHF account has GB21 IBAN so TW says CHF-CHF transfer is not possible. How can you make this top-up without converting CHF to GBP in TW?? Sorry if this had been explained before in this thread.


If you want to top-up Revolut for free, wait for the card from TW, and use this card to top-up your Revolut account instead of doing a bank transfer. There is no fees as the TW card is EU-based.


For months we had no fees from UBS to Revolut. But today, when you make a SWIFT transfer from UBS to Revolut, you receive 5 chf less than the amount transferred. Has there been a change at Revolut or at UBS?


Yes, UBS charges apparently, even with the “all cost to recipient” option. When I asked UBS they said it’s the other side (Revolut) charging?!



Transfer from Lykke to revolut in CHF is free of charge. Lykke has a Liechtenstein iban. AFAIK, transfer from Swiss bank to liechtenstein iban are also free.
This option is actually possible since we now have a revolut CHF personnal IBAN because not possible to personnalise reason for transfert with Lykke.


Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your second sentence. We still don’t have a CHF IBAN…


Sorry to be unclear.
Before last couple of weeks, I used to have a common IBAN for CHF. That means that for doing a transfer, I had to add my Revolut account number in the transfer communication for Revolut to match my account. It’s no more the case and I can now use my personnal € IBAN to transfer CHF, and revolut to credit my CHF account. So I don’t need anymore to write something in the communication part of the transfer, and that is not possible with Lykke transfer.
However, it’s not a Swiss IBAN (that would begin with CHXXX). So it doesn’t solve the problem of fees for direct transfer from a Switzerland account.


Transfers to LI IBANs should be free
But be aware that you will get charged a high fee if you withdraw CHF at an ATM in FL because Swiss banks charge their foreign ATM fee there.


I just got my Transferwise Debit Card which I already toped up with some balance. Was running some test and had something rather weird happening. Wanted to top up after adding my TW Card details in Revolut and it showed it as a CHF card with top up fees. Well I was playing around a bit changing in between currencies and after a while it displayed the TW card as a GBP card with no fees to top up CHF. I tried this with 10 franks and it worked without fees. Well that’s great i tought and wanted to top up more but it showed it as a CHF card again displaying fees. Tried to top up like this and got charged a fee. Well after fiddling around with it again I got it displayed as a GBP Card again and got no fees charging 100 CHF… afterwards it displayed fees again.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I’m a bit confused because I don’t understand why this would happen and i haven’t figured out how I was actually able to change it from a CHF to GBP card…

SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

Since Revolut introduced the individual IBAN for the CHF accounts, GB IBAN, I suddenly have CHF 12 less credited in the Revolut account then I sent from my Raiffeisen account (sent 100 received 88). To the shared Lloyds account this was never the case and I only had to pay the CHF 3 for the SHA transfer at Raiffeisen.

I had two support sessions with them, the second one seemed to be a second level support person. But the results were still disappointing.

For one he confirmed that the REVOGB21 is hosted with Barclays and that he suspects that the CHF 12 have been deducted by them. Asking that Revolut clarifies this with them he refused, it would not be possible for them because of security reason.

Telling then that they, as customer of Barclays, should be the ones to deal with them and make contacts which prevent charges for incoming payments was not really taken on

I told him to forward the feedback that this way a Revolut account with card lost it’s main purpose of reducing the hidden costs an making it simple and will result in customer loss.

Let’s see if they will invest anything in making it easy for us here in Switzerland.

NB using TW would be an option but just against simplification. They should solve the problem themselves and provide Swiss IBAN, even if shared, for top-up.


The same happened to me today - after changing the amount a few times, the fee disappeared so it went for free


Damn me too! My TW card is recognized as a CHF card now…so that means 1.67% fees.
Thank you Revolut to make it even harder and challenging us over and over. If you don’t want Swiss users just tell us please.
I tried to change the amount several time but still fees, but then I closed the app (completely) and reopened it and TW card was GBP again. So be careful before you top up…!!


Any explanations? @AndreasK


From TW to Revolut do you transfer directly CHF to CHF or to you first exchange the CHF to Euros in TW?


When I transfer Euros (from my Euro Account in PostFinance) to Revolut through a SEPA transfer, it is free. The Raiffeisen for every SEPA transfer charges 1 CHF.


it’s about CHF to CHF-top ups; that sepa’s free (with PF) is known…
Here, it’s about avoiding bad exchange-rates from swiss banks…

I 2nd the question about the TW-Card-Issue. Revolut is realy getting annoying!
Either provide a CH-Top-up-Account to be used with a Ref-Number, or the CH-IBAN (without SWIFT-Fee) for swiss user…

@Karol - may I suggest to rename the title of old Threads for CHF-topup as “Discontinued” or something, as they are not being closed… There’s a sever mixup between the Threads at the moment :wink:


I also had the best luck with repopening the app completely. After topping up, the card is showing as CHF again.


I topped up 4 times with TW today and it Recognizes my TW card as GBP. Everything as usual here.