SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account

Maybe because In this way you’re going to pay the forex rate proposed by your Swiss bank and not the Revolut rate? Did you think about that?

FX rate…I agree that is not the best rate cause it’s sending bank related
Fx fee…I don’t agree. An SEPA sending from chf to EUR account in eur is costfree. You must send in EUR and not in CHF

Is topping up with transferwise and the borderless card still free? I read there somewhere else, that they will add a fee of 1 CHF to transfer Money in the same currency since December 1st.

Transfers out of TransferWise cost 1 CHF now, but as long as you use your TW card to top-up Revolut instead of doing a transfer, this method is still completely free.


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I just made a bank transfer from Revolut to UBS, which was always free. But this time I was charged a 3CHF fee (I guess by an intermediary bank?). Has anyone else experienced this?


Please read before posting, many blabla about that already. Use TW it’s free, no other free options.


Please read before reponding…I’m talking about the other way around: Revolut -> Bank

Please accept my apologies…definitely didn’t read correctly. :face_with_monocle:

No worries :wink:


Same with me. Just contacted the support. They tell the same bloody story about inermediate banks and SWIFT transfers than for the incoming. So summarized as of now you pay for all transfers from Revolut to a non-EU bank (e.g. All banks in Switzerland)
They say they can‘t do anything and they can‘t tell how much the fee is (fixed 3 CHF or will increase wirh higher amounts transferred)

With this this product is not usable for me as Swiss customer at all. No airport lounges, no insuranc coverage, no free money receive, no free money send. No clue for what I pay 160 CHF for a Metal subscription…


I wonder how Transferwise can be accurate about how much money will arrive at the receiving bank with a SWIFT transfer (even if there’s a TW fee for transfers) but Revolut can’t…

Well that‘s more a „don‘t want“ and not a „can‘t“. They just say we don‘t care what happens outside of Revolut while TW sees this as an end to end solution for the customer.

I assume this has somerhing to do with the newly inteoduced accounts. So far it have been Loyd accounts which have no intermediary bank between with swiss banks (especially UBS). No these are Revolut accounts which seems to have one in between. It‘s a pitty Revolut is not testing this respectively informing their customers upfront…

TransferWise doesn’t use SWIFT when a customer send a transfer, but sends money from their local accounts. That’s why they allow only sending money in local currency of the country you are sending money to (so for example sending USD to an account in Hungary is not allowed)

Have you transfered CHF to UBS? I think they’ve used CurrencyCloud in the past (local account). It has been always free for me (with Raiffeisen CHF account).

Yes, transferring CHF from Revolut to UBS. Was always free but today they deducted me 3 CHF

@anon33247966 Please investigate this and give us an update. Since Revolut introduced this fee, it’s impossible to transfer CHF without a fee from Revolut.

@bastian.holdermann I will try it with Raiffeisen this week. Can I ask you how high the transfered amount was?

@gabriel1231 I transferred 10 CHF from Revolut and was credited 7 CHF at UBS.

I have just transfered 10 CHF to my Raiffeisen CHF account, it will arrive next week I think so. As soon as it has arrived, I will give you an update. Maybe it’s just a problem with UBS.

Myne was with UBS and I got the confirmation that he didn’t pay any fee