SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account

Has anyone tried topping up with the UBS Prepaid Card (also MC or Visa, but not sure if Credit or Debit Card)? Does it have the same fees as a regular credit card?

Yes it is because of SWIFT which is used to send CHF internationally. It’s just that with BEN option there used to be no fees even though the tooltip said 5CHF would be deducted.
Sending EUR from a CHF account results in a conversion on the sender’s bank which applies unfavourable exchange rates people want to avoid with Revolut.

Yes, it is because it was SWIFT. But SEPA is useless, with SEPA it’s UBS that does the CHF to Euro conversion for you at a bad rate. It’s only useful if you have the Euros already, but then why bother…

because Swiss banks often also apply fees for paying abroad no matter the currency charged

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True. Even the CHF charge for my Spotify Premium (with my UBS credit card) has a fee of 1.75% which is a complete fraud IMHO…

PostFinance cards (credit and prepaid debit) don’t charge these fees, but still Revolut charges for using them for top-ups cause they are not EEA issued.

As a matter of facts, oppositely to previous months when no charges applied, CHF 5 were deducted from a CHF 1000 Swift transfer (BEN option) with UBS. The CHF 5 fee has not appeared in the UBS monthly statement (so I assume that the beneficiary bank is responsible for the charge).

Hi there,

I encounter an issue with top up in CHF and wanted to know if anyone here had the same issue before.
I have a mastercard in CHF but when I want to top up with, it is recognized as a Euro card?
I sent a message to a live agent but no answer so far.
Anyone here with experienced the same issue?


Hi @pkuad
If you mean this:

It is a common thing if your card is issued abroad (for example TransferWise).
If you are sure that the specific card you are trying to use is multi-currency, it is fine to choose “Yes, continue”, and the card should be charged in CHF.

I’ve got yesterday my Card. And top up with my Cumulus MasterCard 200 CHF via Google Pay. Revolut charged me a fee of 3.68CHF. Last time the 10CHF were free, they were but Cembra has a few of 1.5%, 0.15CHF. It was charged yesterday, and so I didn’t see it. Now there will be too a from Cembra. So in total I have a fee of 6.73 CHF for topping up 200 CHF.

I didn’t recommend it and will wait now until a Swiss IBAN is available. It could be also an unpersonal one where a reference number is needed. And I miss Google Pay for my Maestro too.

I did (as you sure all did) receive yesterday an email from Revolut asking to advertise the card to my friends and acquaintances, the first card being free this week. However, as long as the issue discussed in this thread is not solved, I can hardly recommend Revolut to a swiss based individual.

We REALLY need the Swiss IBAN (pooled one is OK too) now, not “soon”.


I can confirm that. Transferred CHF 2000 yesterday, CHF1995 arrived at my Revolut CHF account.

Hi guys

I’m new at Revolut :slight_smile:

I live in Switzerland and i’m at UBS. My question is, what is the best way to send money from UBS to Revolut?

This Post is very long and have a lot of replies so its difficult to find the best solution.

Thank you :+1:

Hi @nushfi

Transers from UBS are not free any more.

Have a look on the first post in this thread - the TW method described there works perfectly well and it’s free!


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I really don’t understand the drama.

As long as there is no proper IBAN CHF Account, then as Karol says, just use the TransferWise method.
It’s free of fees and works perfectly.

So, again,
It doesn’t matter what bank you are using.
Just get a TW account and card,
Send from „whatever“ Bank account to TW via IBAN,
Send from TW to Revolut.

The all process is without fees.


But if I have to advise friends without any Fintech card, I currently say “get a TW card and use it”. No need to bother with Revolut on top of that. The 0.3-0.5% in FX rate difference is not worth the trouble.

then you are still lucky! I did the same in october using BEN option and only CHF 1990.- arrived on my Revolut…

From my point of view, the easiest and best way ist IBAN in Eur to the euro account from revolut. Why I should use a additional card when I can do it directly from my account?

I transfered 50 CHF yesterday from UBS directly to Revolut via SWIFT (BEN) to their CHF GB-IBAN in CHF and the full 50 CHF arrived at my Revolut CHF account today. So it seems it is still free in some cases.

Most of the swiss residents don’t have an EUR account. If they send EUR from their CHF account, they are killed by the FX rate and fx fees (say up to 3% loss) applied by their bank. All this thread is about avoiding these hidden fees…