SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


Hi all,

I’m having problems transferring CHF from my TW border-less account to my Revolut CHF account.

Basically when I’m trying to add a new recipient it wont accept the GB- Iban. Do I have to wait for my boarder less card to arrive? Or am I not seeing something?




I try to top op my Revolut account with a TW border-less and it work very well. Thank you !


TW–>R in CH still works fine!


How did you manage to send CHF to the GB Iban Revolut gives you? If I’m trying to send CHF to the GB Iban I get the error " Please make sure that this is a CHF bank account."


are you still referring to the TW to revolut bank transfer?
if so just wait for your card to arrive and top up revolut via the card (it will have a low daily limit of 250 CHF at the start)


As Daidai just said, wait for your TW card because you will need the CVV code. Then top up your CHF Revolut account with your TW card (and of course you have previously sent CHF on your TW account…). Then Revolut will ask you if you’re sure to top up CHF and not GBP, click yes. Done. After that you will be able to change your CHF to GBP or others in Revolut app.


@Debono - have you managed to follow the advice by Daidai and Hawkblesker?
I’d also recommend avoiding bank transfers in CHF between TW and Revolut, as they will go by SWIFT, so you might end up paying the same fee as Swiss Bank -> Revolut.

Use the TW card.

The daily limit is low at the beginning, but it will be removed after a week or two of regular top-ups.

Worth the effort to keep CHF top-ups to Revolut free.


@far_superior you mean you can pay in unmanned petrol stations with TW card whereas you can’t with Revolut card ? Even though both are debit cards ?


Good afternoon .
may i ask you to unlock my account. I have send my payslip to verify my Source of Funds.
I need To pay my rent and …
Thank you


The reason the Revolut card doesn’t work at unmanned gas stations is because Revolut blocks transactions with that merchant code due to unmanned gas stations being “High Risk”. Plus, I believe the TW card is full Debit, while Revolut is Prepaid Debit.


Transferwise introduces fees

Just received a newsletter; from now, TW charges following fees:

For sending money WITH currency-exchange: 0.3% eschange-Fee plus 1 CHF for the transfer.

For sending money WITHOUT currency-exchange, it’s just 1CHF for the transfer.

Attention: fees differ for currencys…
More informations here Transferwise-Site (German)


Hello everyone ! We have a problem !

This mail was sent today. You cannot use TW as a free method anymore. They add 1CHF for each transfer, even in the same currency.
So now, the only way to top up Revolut is to have a UBS Bank account.
The sentence above is incorrect. It doesn’t affect when paying with the card.


…i beat you for a few seconds :wink: but thanks for linking the french news :slight_smile:

As far as I understood, topping up with the green TW-Card is still an option, just sending money directly (from account to account) now costs…

Well. I hope the the Card-Conditions don’t worsen.


Oh you’re right ! Paying with the card should be okay.

Thanks for noticing it for me :slight_smile:


AFAIK the fees will be introduced from dec 1st?!


Here’s the full text.

We’re adding a small fixed fee of around 0.80 € to send money.

From 1st December, there will be a small fixed fee to send money from your borderless account, to another bank account.

The total fee will depend on whether you’re sending from one currency to another, or transfering money in a single currency. Here’s how that works:

To send money from one currency to another, you’ll pay the usual conversion fee, plus the small, fixed fee.
For instance, if you’re sending money from your GBP balance to a bank account in EUR, you’ll pay the 0.35% conversion fee, plus 0.80 €. The fixed fee varies by currency, you can find the full list here.

To send money in one currency you’ll only pay the small, fixed fee.
For instance, if you’re sending money from your EUR balance to a bank account in EUR, you’ll only pay 0.80 €.

There’s no change to fees to convert money within your account.
When you convert currencies between balances in your account you’ll only pay the conversion fee.

Why has this happened?
Every time you send money to another bank account, TransferWise pays fees to third-party providers, and covers other costs. A while ago, we made it free, believing we could cover these fees ourself. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, it’s too expensive to maintain.

We’re disappointed we’ve had to change this fee, and we’re working on a plan to reduce it in the future. As soon as we have an update, we’ll be back in touch.

The TransferWise Team


The TW fee is reasonable for a transfer.
And Revolut topups by green card stay free, as well as outgoing Revolut EUR SEPA transfers.

This might be a problem for people doing a lot of small transfers, but an average Revolut user using TW as a top-up option from a Swiss account will be fine :slight_smile:


Just as a heads up for people using UBS, a few days ago I transfered 2k from UBS to Revolut in CHF with the BEN option and only 1995 arrived - so the 5 CHF fee from UBS now applies to the beneficiary. A month or so ago this was not the case, now it seems it is.

Still 5chf is pretty cheap comparing to other transfer methods

SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

Unfortunately I cannot edit the original post anymore, but I was able to change the title.

  • Topping-up Revolut with a green TW card (as described in the first post) is still free
  • UBS bank transfer in CHF, with BEN option, apparently is not free anymore


Are you sure it’s not because you transferred CHF ? I did a CHF transfer and the same thing happened. Revolut told me it’s because it was SWIFT and not SEPA.
I did an Euro trnasfer the other week and I d not know as of know whether I got charged 5 CHF too - the full amount got transferred to my Revolut account…