SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account



Hi, just a little question: what was the exchange rate CHF->EUR at PF compared to Revolut?
Plus sending money to TW then top up through Revolut is completely free, with best exchange rate with Revolut.


There’s no Fee at PF when using SEPA… If you had a fee charged, there was something wrong…

Pls. refer to the PF-documentation: https://www.postfinance.ch/content/dam/pfch/doc/cust/download/sepa_info_de.pdf


Sorry, my bad, you’re right, PF EUR to Revolut EUR is 100% free, no charge at all. I corrected my post

I must have seen this CHF 2 charge somewhere else, probably when doing a SWIFT transfer.


Rates as tested today Jul 23 around 19:50 to buy 100 EURO with CHF:
PF CHF to PF EURO : 1.1783
Revolut CHF to Revolut EURO: 1.1614


Doing the detour via TW seems to have become faster. In the last few days, I have done several CHF transfers from Postfinance to Transferwise.

If you are familiar with Postfinance, you’ll know that if you set up a payment transfer, it will normally be processed the next business day (probably the same with most other banks) unless you pay an express premium. So in the past this meant when I set up a transfer on Monday, it would be processed on Tuesday and then arrive in my TW account either on Wednesday or Thursday.

In the last few days I’ve done several payments from Postfinance to TW and when I was charged the amount the next morning by Postfinance, I received a payment notification from TW not much later. Very excited about this!

Really helps cutting down on transfer times, at least until we get our CHF IBAN from Revolut.


Most swiss banks process the payment on the same day if payment is set up before 12:00.

I noted the same for myself, all payments arrive at transferwise on the same day now!!

Thats perfect for my purpose!


When i send money from my ubs account in CHF to the revolut account the reference number gets lost. The help description for the Text field says that it is only used for sepa.


I am using UBS and I never had this issue…it’s true that ebanking is saying that reference is only used for SEPA but it keeps the value you have entered…

As a backup I always enter the Reference Number in both SWIFT Description and Reference fields… just in case.

I never had any issue.


I wrote the reference in the description field at UBS and it worked multiple times without issues


I will try it again :slight_smile: maybe it works better next time.


Anybody tried to send USD from Switzerland to Revolut? Any intermediate bank charges?


I hopped on the TW bandwagon and I am indeed quite happy to top up CHF with no fees via TW.
I am now looking at topping up Revolut using my PF USD account. Considering that TW has its USD top-up account in the USA, while Revolut’s account is in GB, I am wondering whether or not to go via TW or directly to Revolut


transfering USD from TW to :r: costs only $3.30 so using them as brigde is quite cost effective


$3.30 is not much, but nevertheless - why not to use the TW debit card to transfer money (Revolut top-up) from TW to Revolut for free, while you already have the account with them?
(unless you mean the business TW account, than I get it)


TW debit cards or :r: top-up by card are not available to businesses, as you guessed correctly, but it has also been reported here that the use-the-card-you-fool trick is actively been prevented these days


I just attempted to send 200 USD from PF USD to TW USD in “shared cost” mode.
PF charges you CHF 2 when you set up the transfer and then TW only receives USD192, which means USD 8 have been collected along the way.

I don’t see any way to predict how much will get charged ahead of time, since this USD 8 is not documented anywhere and probably varies according to the amount. This is quite annoying, since in TW you have to specify the amount you’re sending ahead of time.

PF offers “our cost” transfer for “CHF20 + basic price” (=CHF 2 I assume); this might be the better option if you transfer larger amounts of USD.

In any case, with the charges described above, I doubt that sending USD to Revolut via TW is an interesting option, although I have yet to try to send USD directly.


What do you mean by “prevented”? By TW, R?
I have tried today topping-up my Revolut with GBP from TW by the green card and it I worked.


I don’t remember the details but people said here the payments were being declined… by the issuer (TW) iirc


I am very disspointed with this company they’ve been ignoring me since yesterday last night and they locked my account can you please help me and fix this problem before I go to the police with this im from the uk


I remember this discussion now, but if I’m not wrong it was happening only for the UK clients, don’t remember anybody in CH complaining on the TW->R by card not working.

Hope I’m not wrong.