SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


Yes, I think that for a transfer to be free(for the recipient) it needs to be within SEPA and EUR. It says here that:

"With SWIFT transfers there are a few things to bear in mind:

When your money is in transit, it may be processed by an intermediary bank. They may also deduct a handling fee.
Depending on which fee option (SHA, BEN, OUR, REM) you choose while doing a SWIFT transfer to Revolut, intermediary, originating bank and beneficiary bank (namely Lloyds) can apply a handling fee for that transfer."

Maybe that’s why you lost 6 CHF. :frowning:


I was aware of that rule and risks of fees, I was curious and I just wanted to try with BCV because no fees with UBS for now.
Thx :wink:


I have to pay 6 francs every time I send an international payment with ´Shared’ costs

It’s not a Revolut specific charge. I guess it’s bcv wanting to cover its costs

Not so bad on a 2000 franc transfer. Bad for a 100 franc transfer

What is the real killer is the new (UBS intermediary?) charge of 25 francs on top

I’m using the TW card but it’s confusing my poor brain having yet another stock of money waiting to be spent

Anyway Hop Suisse!


Even though in the UBS ebanking they say an international CHF payment (NON SEPA) will be charged with CHF 5.- I was able to transfer CHF 100 to my Revolut account and got CHF 100.- there.
I’ll check back at the end of the month to see if they do charge me then.


I will gladly take any excess of money that’s troubling you


If you used BEN option, there should be no charges at all.


I have just phoned with my bank, they said that you can only withdraw CHF and not EUR with your Revolut card because it’s a “credit card” even if the ATM has EUR inside :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Does anyone of you have a Maestro card from Revolut? If yes, have you already tested the ability to withdraw EUR in Switzerland with a Maestro?


@gabriel1231 Just tried to withdraw EUR with my Revolut Maestro at a CS, UBS, ZKB and Cler ATM (all of them are loaded with Euros). None of them gave me the option to choose EUR, even if it would be possible to withdraw EUR with my swiss Maestro.
So probably the answer is NO!


Thank you for your information :slight_smile:
I still dont know who is responsible for this **it :rage:
I called my bank, VISECA, FINMA, SIX Payment, Revolut and TW , they were not able to say who is blocking this feature…


Have you already tried it at a PostFinance ATM? @defx81


@gabriel1231 not yet but i will do so soon!


Ok, thank you! :slight_smile:


Anybody else having trouble topping up Revolut using a Transferwise debit card? It keeps saying that the transaction was refused due to an address mismatch, but the two addresses are exactly the same!

Update: it turns out that the TW debit card was registered to the delivery address, and not to the address that TW uses…


Did anybody try to top-up in Euro from a Euro account in Switzerland (like Postfinance in €). Does any fee apply? (should be a SEPA transfer right?)
What is the IBAN and the BIC I’ll have to use? Thanks.


for a SEPA/EUR transfer use the IBAN you can see as local on your EUR balance. It’s under your name.

Revolut doesn’t charge for receiving it but your bank could charge for sending it.

if you can send SEPA, use SEPA.


Hi! So I just got my TW card and added it to the Revolut account in order to be able to top up with it the CHF that I transfered previously to my TW Borderless Account. Now, I see in Revolut that the TW card is in GBP, and when trying to top up CHF I get a message saying that in order to not to get fee I should top up using GBP…So if I have 20chf in my TW account, what should I do to get them in my Revolut account as 20CHF?



Just confirm that you are aware it’s GBP card, if you have enough currency that you are topping-up the card will choose the right one



same issue as U4847! how can we sort out the issue to pay out in CHF and not GBP to TW! cheers


Just confirm that you are aware it’s GBP card, if you have enough currency that you are topping-up the card will choose the right one


i have done close to 50 revolut topups from my CS account and never had any problem. i just do a plain simple SEPA transfer but then select CHF under ‘payable in’. I send CHF and receive in CHF the full amount without any fees. money normally arrives the same day when transfer is done before 6am.
on CS side there is supposed to be a CHF 5.- fee per transfer but i was never charged. i called them and they told me that this fee is included when you have a bonviva package.
so i personally have absolutely no issues and don’t need any of the transferwise or other hacks anymore (though i used to do them in the past when i didn’t know that CS is free)