SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


So you’re unable to send a SEPA transfer to REVOGB21?


Use this form to report the bank: https://www.finma.ch/de/finma-public/meldung-erstatten/
Revolut participates in the SEPA system, CS does it also. They have to accept it.


Yes, but that is a known solution in this thread and the other ways mentioned are not applicable.


for SEPA you aren’t even supposed to need the BIC at all


No i am not able to use BIC REVOGB21…See see attached print screen.


What does happen if you press “Auswahl anwenden”?


well…I used REVOGB21XXX for trying, but the amount came back in one week or so…
believe me, there is no chance with CS group. A colleague of me tried with Kantonalbank and it works. He is able to use REVOGB21 in his online banking with Kantonalbank.


Thats not true…usually the BIC will choosed automatically. If I make SEPA payment to my German bank account, the BIC will choosed also automatically.


But the story is very simple.

Swisscard is credit card partner of CS. and swisscard is scared about REVOLUT and they try to put a spoke in revoluts’ wheel.

I know this from an insider…

For this reason, I ordered my TW card and make my topup with this and its acceptable solution for me.


It has been explained on this forum, and elsewhere, again and again, and can easily be googled, that SEPA transfers are for EUR and not for other currencies.


Mmmh, could you try it again with a small amount (0.01 €)?
Sometimes there are some problems with SEPA transfers (they’re showing an error message that it isn’t a SEPA transfer but actually no fees are charged (happened to me))

If it’s possible for you report it to the FINMA…


When have I said that you can use SEPA with other currencies than EUR?


It seems really that you have no idea…


really…I tried many many times…It doenst work.
and my complaint didnt help…had direct phone contact with my bank.
only what they said is we will forward your feedback.

CS group doesnt work…and I had a small chat with an insider from SwissCard and he said that the management of CS and management of Swisscard had meetings about this…this explains everything…

I m thinking about report to the FINMA.


I will contact you (PM) :slight_smile:


no problem…iam here


that’s what I meant, the bank should any necessary magic to NOT need to ask YOU for the BIC



Petite info pour les clients BCV:
J’ai voulu essayer, ma curiosité étant la plus forte, j’ai joué et j’ai perdu. Envoyé 100CHF sur le compte CHF Revolut et reçu seulement 94CHF. Donc 6CHF de frais perdus quelque part (Lloyds). Pourtant option “frais au receveur” choisie.

Donc comme d’hab la meilleure option pour moi reste TransferWise pour envoyer de l’argent à Revolut: Lien de parrainage TW

Shortcut in english for BCV (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise) customers:
Sent 100CHF from BCV to CHF Revolut account, received 94CHF. 6CHF lost, probably in the Lloyds pocket.


Have a look at this article about topping up via bank transfer. I understand you transferred CHF to your respective account, which may have been processed via SWIFT. Are there any details in the payment info that would help you understand what these 6 CHF were? :thinking:


Nope, no details about where the fees are, nothing on BCV nor Revolut. Actually it seems UBS customers have no fees at all so I wanted to try through BCV but…
What I’ve previously read about these mysterious fees is the intermediate bank Lloyds take them.
It was SWIFT payment, SEPA is only with euros transfers I guess, right?