SWITZERLAND - Top-up -- with TW, and directly to a pooled Revolut account


Any explanations? @AndreasK


From TW to Revolut do you transfer directly CHF to CHF or to you first exchange the CHF to Euros in TW?


When I transfer Euros (from my Euro Account in PostFinance) to Revolut through a SEPA transfer, it is free. The Raiffeisen for every SEPA transfer charges 1 CHF.


it’s about CHF to CHF-top ups; that sepa’s free (with PF) is known…
Here, it’s about avoiding bad exchange-rates from swiss banks…

I 2nd the question about the TW-Card-Issue. Revolut is realy getting annoying!
Either provide a CH-Top-up-Account to be used with a Ref-Number, or the CH-IBAN (without SWIFT-Fee) for swiss user…

@Karol - may I suggest to rename the title of old Threads for CHF-topup as “Discontinued” or something, as they are not being closed… There’s a sever mixup between the Threads at the moment :wink:


I also had the best luck with repopening the app completely. After topping up, the card is showing as CHF again.


I topped up 4 times with TW today and it Recognizes my TW card as GBP. Everything as usual here.



Thanks for finally introducing local Swiss IBAN’s @Revolut

All that’s left now is an agreement to get us personal bank details! Then we don’t have to pay fees and we can have salary paid into the account


CH IBAN is available from today! Check your account details. Byebye transferwise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


the perfect christmas gift :smiley:


I can confirm that it is available not only for CH citizens, and I can see that it is pooled account. I am curious if anyone can send me a transfer locally or only I can do it.

SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

the TW card is still a good backup if prepaid cards are not accepted


@kylo32 I’m also not Swiss resident :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: should have mentioned that!


Yep, pooled account from Credit Suisse available…

(now i understand why it took so long… :r went to the second “2big2fail”-bank that has no interest in competition… my bet: raiffeisen or one of the smallers would have LOVED a partnership with personal CH-IBAN :wink:

There’s still some lost trust to make up. Because there was no announcement YET AGAIN. They change the system all the time and never tell their customers… Seriously!? That’s like having an account with UBS!


I think they should have a little in-app notification like they did for the free card, when you’re back can you pass this on to whoever is going to implement this @AndreasK


Hi all,
I recently topped up my revolut card via my ubs visa card. I did this using the revolut app. It seems like I did not pay any fees. Can anyone confim this please ?


I just tried with my UBS PrePaid card (MasterCard) and I could top up without any fee too !


yes we are discussing this since last week, when I have announced that as the 1st of february it will be free to topup with swiss credit cards for swiss residents


Great, thank you for your confirmation !


Why does it matter if you are a Swiss resident or not?


i think that’s because they changed the T&C , if you are a swiss resident the rules applied are different because Swiss does not belong to EEA. And if you are a swiss resident you can now topup with a swiss card without fees but you pay a fee if you are using an EEA card. And, i’m not sure about that, the opposite too