Switzerland site

Why there isn’t a swiss revolut site? The swiss flag there is in the image but not in the region


maybe switzerland is not in europe? :wink:

Why do you see it in america or asia pacific? Switzerland is in central europe … it is not part of the european union but it is something else

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ähm, sorry - it was kind of a joke… i know where switzerland is - i am from germany :smiley:


This is the answer of the assistance: “I would like to inform you that we have never had Swiss terms due to the rules of your country.” I do not understand the reason since you can register if you are resident in Switzerland

Maybe the problem is that Revolut is not directly Regulated by FINMA? They are, just like Wise or Nuri not operating ‘officially’ in Switzerland with a IBAN and so on…

Revolut has the right to offer financial services as an UK business because of contracts between UK and CH allowing this. That is also why Swiss residents never have been transferred to the Lithuania entity, in contrast to the EU customers at the time of Brexit. They are no longer served by the UK entity.

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So CH Premium/Metal customers are not covered by Allianz insurance?!..
There’s no general conditions / contract detail for the “Travel savings and protection” nor the “Everyday protection” on the UK insurance page.

I’m resident in Switzerland and have Revolut accounts in CHF and EURO. The Euro still has a GB IBAN, while other accounts have been converted to LT. Anyone knows why my account was not converted?

That’s normal. In my opinion because Switzerland is not in the European Union is thought that there are fewer problems for brexit