SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods -- UBS not free anymore (5 chf with BEN), TW method still FREE


Thank you @Karol excellent job here! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!


I am currently testing out the Transferwise option (I already had an account so was sort of easy to set up). I have the CHF account set up and now had to chat with the Transferwise team how to obtain the debit card and whether it would really work for sending money to a CHF account with a GB… Iban with the bank sitting in the UK.

Will update with news on how that goes. So far I know NO free way of charging Revolut. It is a crying shame!!


I have tried it - it works.
You can apply for the card using the link here
It arrived afer a week. As the card is issued in Spain, it is free to top-up Revolut with it.


If you want the worst cost-efficent top-up methods try this:
10CHF from Cornerbank VISA, Revolut add 0.18CHF fee (OK) and this is the iCorner VISA log:
:joy: 15CHF of Commission.


Many here are just too retractable on Revolut. For a slightly better convert you are ready to pay high commissions. :roll_eyes:
It is therefore cheaper for the most Swiss, directly to use the TFW card. :+1:
TFW advantage: Unmanned petrol stations :heart_eyes: , Swiss IBAN, better weekend rates.

I often use TFW, and more often. I upload Revolut with TFW, convert to EUR and with SEPA back to TFW , without fees.
So you have the best conver, and also a backup card if the account is blocked.

At the moment I use TFW 70% and Revolut still 30%
But who knows…


@far_superior: +10

I am currently using Revolut most of the time over the TW card. But as time passes, and as we are still waiting for Swiss IBAN, the incentive to swap usage of the cards is getting big and bigger.


I promise Swiss IBANs are just around the corner :pray:


What does “just around the corner” means in days, weeks, months … ? We are waiting for the Swiss IBAN for quite some time … I really like Revolut, but there are other solutions …


Hello I’m fresh arrived on revolut.
I just tried to send €50 from my BCV Swiss account via Sepa. I recieved 42.31 GBP then transfer it in euro = 48.67 euros
If I’m referring to the best today rate that is 0.87, I miss, €1.40 on this €50 transfer.
Is it the commission ?
If I compare with HSBC that is one of the worst one, the commission is 1.21 euros for the same amount of money
Sorry I’m not too much in the money stuff but where is their problem ?


Hi @PhilCoraz

Why did you send EURO to GBP and not EURO to EURO?


First thing, never send EUR to the GBP account! Money will be exchanged at a bad rate by the intermediary bank. Always use bank details in the currency in which you are making the transfer.


Hello can you explain to me what is this TFW card ? Trying to search on the net but can’t found anything about it, thanks


See here:


TW means Transferwise. It is almost the same as Revolut. The thing is they have Swiss IBAN so transfer will be easier and free from BCV to Transferwise. Then it’s free to transfer from TW to Revolut. But for me it still annoying anyway…
Je parle aussi français si jamais c’est pas clair.

BUUUUUUT! As Andrea just said, Swiss IBAN is just around the corner (but we don’t know which one…)


Yeah as it’s my first transfer I making mistake, but the problem is not from this, because they charged me only two cents to to GPB to Euros


Merci pour ta réponse HawkB. Excuse-moi je suis assez nul en transfert d’argent mais j’ai utilisé le mode Sepa depuis ma Bcv. Est-ce que ça ne veut pas dire que le transfert est gratuit ?


Pas de problème je suis aussi novice, j’apprends sur le tas. Concernant les virements SEPA à la BCV il semble qu’ils soient gratuits mais je n’ai jamais essayé. La plupart du temps les personnes qui ont fait des transferts SEPA autre que BCV ont eu la plupart du temps des frais allant de 8chf à 15chf environ, ça dépend des banques. Du coup ça semble aller pour toi, à vérifier en fin de mois.
Sinon concernant ta différence de frais je ne peux malheureusement pas te l’expliquer désolé.


Moi j’ai essayé un virement SEPA dimanche depuis Postfinance. C’est gratuit, reçu le lundi sur Revolut. Mais le “problème” c’est que SEPA c’est pour Single Euro Payments Area. Donc la conversion CHF-EUR doit être faite avant (par Postfinance dans mon cas)… et donc on profite pas des taux Revolut pour ça.


On revient donc de toute façon à Transferwise en attendant le Swiss IBAN, un jour peut-être…


c’est aussi ma conclusion…