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So do you think it depends on my bank?


No fee.

It’s not SWIFT

If you transfer CHF to an account in Switzerland, it comes from a local bank account number (through Currency Cloud I think). And it’s quite fast, very useful to pay bills (red payment slip only, not an orange payment slip)



wow cool, didn’t know that, tnx :slight_smile:


My TW card arrived today, I tried it an topped-up successfully 10 CHF. (with no fees :blush:), now I have tried to send the money back to my own swiss bank account. Before I finished it I got the message that my bank could charge me a fee because it’s going to be a SWIFT transfer :sweat_smile:


If you need to do a local transfer to a Swiss account in CHF, you can use Revolut - their transfer arrive from a local bank account, no SWIFT involved. Everything works great, highly recommended!


Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

@AndreasK Could you might inform the developer team they should remove the information that a SWIFT transaction is used for receiving CHF in Switzerland? :sweat_smile:

best regards



I might have misunderstood you.

To receive a CHF top-up, it is a SWIFT transaction.

If you want to make a transfer from your Revolut account to an account in Switzerland, it is not a SWIFT transfer, but a local transfer.


No, it’s correct :slight_smile: , I want to transfer CHF from my Revolut account to my local CHF bank account.



Maybe I explained it a little bit badly :frowning: , I get a message like “Your bank may charge you a fee because it’s a SWIFT transfer” when I want to send a CHF payment from Revolut to my local CHF bank account


An update to Credit Suisse SWIFT-Transfers (i just asked the support): If you have a “Bonviva”-Package, SWIFT-Transfers are free.


The full amount (10 Fr) has arrived today :blush:


Be careful - the intermediary bank can change different fee depending on the amount. It might be that for higher amounts the fee is there.


you all seem to have a lot of time and energy to waste investigating types of bank transfers, fiddling around with debit and credit cards from various companies, testing transfers to see if you will be charged 10 CHF or not etc etc

And all that for what ? Saving 1% - 2% commission on the purchases you do abroad ? How much do you spend abroad in 1 year ? 100’000 CHF ? If so it might be worth going through all this trouble. If you spend 10’000 yearly, is it worth doing all that mess for 100 or 200 CHF ?

Personally I prefer avoiding that hassle, I don’t care if I could have saved 2 or 3 CHF when I get to the supermarket cashier if I go shopping to France or Italy…

Until there is a free and straight forward way to top-up a Revolut account I will just stay away from it


…and that’s exactly WHY we are doing this, micmac! To check if there is a free and straight forward way to top-up. Hence the small amounts.

Otherwhise people like you would wait forever as no one would check “is there now an option”…


Btw - it’s june now, CH-IBAN were “around the corner” and due to arrive in march… Are there, by any chance, some news?


Do you mean CurrencyCloud?


Yes, that would be great to know :slight_smile: @AndreasK


I seriously dont think we are going to get an update on that before it is available.


I also tested sending small sums of money from Revolut to various local Swiss accounts and received exactly what was sent. Defeats the purpose of TransferWise, but I want to be certain Revolut CHF - Swiss CHF is fee free, can anyone confirm?


@revolutuzer it was always free of charges to send money from revolut to any swiss CHF account.

What’s under discussion here is the opposite way, to top up your revolut from a swiss CHF account. This is still subject to high fees depending on your swiss bank.


Guys didn’t a Revolut top up using TW debit card give you problems with addresses not matching?