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And another question:

Were you able to withdraw EURO from an ATM in Switzerland with your Revolut debit card?


The same for me. I assumed it’s not available to Swiss residents.

There are some ATM in Switzerland that have EUR/USD/GBP available, but they are available only to the clients of banks operating the machine (UBS/PostFinance/CreditSuisse/etc.).

There are some ATMs available with foreign currency at the airports, not operated by banks but they charge your card in CHF and have a very bad exchange rate.

So answering your question: no

If you need EUR and you are a Swiss resident, you can open a free EUR account (+card) with one of the local banks and then transfer EUR to this account from Revolut, getting a great exchange rate + free EUR withdraws in Switzerland. For tourists I believe this is not an option.


Hi :slight_smile:

I think it’s not true that they are only available to the clients of banks operating the machine…
Because I could withdraw EUR from an UBS ATM with my Raiffeisen card, that’s no problem…

So I think I have to wait until my card arrives.
Have you already tested it?


Could you give me an example where you can get a free EURO account with free withdraw? I only know that when you have an account balance over 7500 CHF on your PostFinance account, it’s free…


Thanks, this is very interesting. Do you know if other Swiss bank are proposing this?


Could you give us an update?


Sorry for the late answer.
I tried PostFinance (free if you have > 7500 there).
Have not tested any other banks here for EUR accounts and withdrawals - I mostly use Revolut card directly for paying in EUR.

If you have bigger expenses in EUR (rent?), you can always do the SEPA bank transfer from Revolut directly to the company/house owner.


Hi Karol. Thanks for the summary. Just to be clear: TransferWise do not have a Swiss IBAN account either, so one will have to pay fees to top up the TW account, is this right?


@AndreasK Do you know when personnal IBAN will arrived for CHF account?


It does:
Balances --> CHF --> Add CHF --> Choose the amount --> Bank transfer

You will see the Swiss account number you can transfer CHF to.

Make sure you follow all the steps for each top-up in TW, including using the Payment reference.

When the money appear on your TW account, you can than use the TW debit card to top-up Revolut.


Hi Karol, awesome… You were right, TW have a CH IBAN.

Just to be clear, so when I next want to top up my Revoult account, do I choose:

  1. Add new card: and top up via the TW Card (I thought there was fees involved?), or

  2. Bank transfer?



You do:

  • Add new card, and proceed with adding the green TW card as your top-up source for Revolut. There are no fees because the card is issued in EU (mine is in Spain), therefore there is no additional cost for Revolut.

BTW, in the beginning there is always a daily limit for a newly added card, but after some time of regular top-ups this limit is removed.


As usual they are just around the corner @mirron @AndreasK :joy:




bit confuzzled. I tried to top up my Revolut card using my TW card. I entered the TW card details and they were accepted. Then I clicked Top Up and it wanted to take GBP from my TW card. I had no option to ask for CHF. What am I doing wrong?


Revolut detects TW card’s currency as non-CHF, but as long as you have enought CHF on your TW account, and you are topping-up your CHF Revolut balance, your green TW card will be charged in CHF.


thanks - that worked :grinning:


Yes, just around the corner for 3 months :wink:

@AndreasK Any news on this features ?

Thx Revolut


Is there a fee when I send CHF from my Revolut account to my local swiss bank account?


…probably yes, as it will be a SWIFT-Transfer…
I’d suggest to either change CHF to EUR, and transfer it (via sepa) to a EUR-account in CH (exchange-rates are at the moment very good IMHO), OR
use the Revolut-Card in CH for CHF-payments (which will have no fee) or - if possible - to use it for ATM-withdrawl within the free-of-charge-limits of your Revolut-Account…