SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (outdated)


Ok!! Thanks! It worked.

So now…with my 20chf in my revolut account if I want to transfer them to my french bank account in EUR I should first change them to EUR in revolut and then transfer them, right?

Thanks again!


Right, it worked! no fee at Postfinance doing a SEPA transfer in € from the € account :slight_smile:
(But you need a Postfinance account in Euro)


the payment method what you do is SWIFT abd usually not free of charge. You pay for Bonviva packages which is Swift payment included


true, this is strictly speaking not a SEPA payment because it’s not in EUR. but to me as a user it looks (and is entered) just like a normal SEPA payment, even if CS in the background sends it as SWIFT.
i’m of course aware that this is only ‘free’ for customers with bonviva package. but if you are already a bonviva customer then this is a good free, simple and fast way to top up.


Hi @uxgb,

I have included your findings in the new, updated summary:

Unfortunately I cannot edit the old one here any more.


So… I made another transfer with the “correct” IBAN from the CHF account in app and “our costs”. No charge at first, but almost 4 weeks after the transfer, today, I noticed same “GIRO” fees from PostFinance balancing out to 20 (“Our Costs fee”) + 25 (Fee Domicile Abroad) + 2 (GIRO international fee), so a total of 47 CHF in fees for the 6000CHF transfer. It is <1% I guess, but 47 CHF ?! Terrible.

I’ll consider going to UBS I guess or using TW card.


@Strzelec Well, to be honest, using TW is not that complicated and easy to get used to…I’m actually using it and it doesn’t take so much time. Once you make a transfer to TW from your bank, then you need 3-4 clicks on Revolut app and money is here…
My referal link is here in case you don’t have any account: my link on TW


Start using TW and top up Revolut with a first 1000 from the greencard. Now it doesn’t work anymore, saying there is an error, session expired when I try :frowning:


I made a top up yesterday 1500chf from TW card and no problem at all. Sorry to hear that, maybe some little bug somewhere. Was it your very first top up? If yes try again with little amount like 100chf.

But also a good news it seems TW improved the speed of transfer. I put my bank order of 1500chf Monday evening and Tuesday 9am my money was on my TW account and 9:01 it was on Revolut. Instead of 2-3 days usually…


It worked now for a first 1000 from TW to Revolut, but I think I have to wait 24 hours to do the next top up.
You’re right, transfering money to Transferwise seems faster now :slight_smile:


1st: this is the outdated thread. there’s a new one :wink:
2nd: you DO know you have topup-limits in revolut, right? they’ll increase the more you use revolut, but two times a 1000? pretty sure that’s too much. pls. check out their T&C and the FAQ for the right way of topping up…

Hi Andreas, as this is the outdated thread - would it be possible to put a lock on it? So people’d have to find the new one?


oups sorry, didn’t realise this is the outdated post!


Just to finish this topic, there is also a limit on the TW card. I changed mine and I have now 2000GBP / 24h for topping Revolut. Check yours as well.


but for topping up :r: business accounts we are now doomed. they required CHxx IBANs now according to: