SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (July 2018)


I just tried with my revolut multicurrency business IBAN (GBxx REVO 0099 ...) and it was also rejected!!

Interestingly they only ask for IBAN, so it’s not a SWIFT transfer. domestic only?


It looks like only local IBANs (CHxx xxxx …) are accepted for transfers in CHF now.


Yes, i saw it. I asked by replying to karol message from yesterday, don’t know why it repeats twice


https://transferwise.com/help/article/1998638/other-european-transfers/chf-transfers confirms that.

I’m trying to convince them to bring the BIC field back and remove this stupid constraint because I do need to transfer CHF to a supplier with CHF account at DBS HK


SWIFT transfers from a Raiffeisen bank account are cheaper than with most other banks. I paid CHF 3.- in fees for a CHF 2’500.- transfer to Revolut. (This was from an account with the “Liestal-Oberbaselbiet” Raiffeisen cooperative.)