SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (2017 - outdated)



Let’s prepare a summary of verified top-up methods (with their costs) by country and amount.
Maybe it could be a Wiki-like page editable by Community members?


Top-up by international bank transfer from PostFinance --> UK Revolut account in CHF

  • 1-150 CHF --> total cost: 2 CHF
  • 151-10000 CHF --> total cost: 8-10 CHF (4500 CHF --> 10 CHF @rogerb)
  • 10001-… --> total cost: 12 CHF

Top-up by international bank transfer from BCV --> UK Revolut account in CHF

Top-up by international bank transfer from Swissquote --> UK Revolut account in CHF

  • 1000 CHF --> total cost: 25 CHF @lucasT

Top-up by DEBIT CARDs
most debit cards cannot be used for online transactions in Switzerland (exceptions: Freiburger Kantonalbank, Banque Cantonale du Jura, Aargauischen Kantonalbank)


Top-up by CREDIT CARDs

  • Coop SuperCard MasterCard: 1% (no additional charge for international transaction)
  • USB Credit Cards: 2.75% (1% + 1.75% by UBS for foreign country transaction) @Myabou
  • Viseca Orange Visa: 3.5% (1% + 2.5% for foreign country transaction) @Alp

all information here needs to be verified
use with caution, and on your own responsability

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SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (July 2018)
SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (outdated)

Thanks for that
the 1% is from revolut for every crefitcard topup

I will try with UBS end of next month
Update that asad

Please update the list with

(travelcash) Mastercard prepaid 1chf/usd/eur or currency equivalant

Normal mastercard prepaid no fees

Aduno group (Viseca Card Services SA)
With 3 Banks
Freiburger Kantonalbank,
Banque Cantonale du Jura
Aargauischen Kantonalbank

Are the only one have Debit Mastercard

The other are Maestro or Vpay (there are more than one vpay in different countires) means not they are not allowed it means its not possible

Hope that helps you a bit


That’s true, but you mentioned in some other thread that UBS Credit cards charged you additionally 1.75%, which would become 2.75% in total. Have you actually tried it?

I’ve tried a few times to charge Revolut with COOP SuperCard MasterCard, and even though the fees for the card say about 1.5% additional charge for international payments in CHF, there was no additional charge apart from Revolut’s 1%

Concerning Debit MasterCards in Switzerland - the 3 banks you mentioned - do you know if haveing one of these cards would mean free Revolut top-ups?


Tried more than one time revolut says they charge 1% seems not for me



The debit cards are not out now they should coming this fall


I can also confirm that with UBS you get the 1.75% additional charge: the charge is added as an additional item in your credit card statement.

As far as I know no Maestro debit card in Switzerland can be used online: you can check easily yours by looking at the number printed on it. If the number is your account IBAN, it cannot be used online (so no Revolut topup)


Topup with Swissbankers MasterCard Prepaid is free. Topup of Swissbankers card itself is also free.

Revolut cards are back in Switzerland 🇨🇭💳

That’s a good option if one already has a SwissBankers debit card. Signing up for this card just to charge Revolut is expensive: 45CHF


We forgot the cornerbank/novumbankinggroup

Cornercard Prepaid (CHF CARDS)

Instant (an applepay virtual card)
3% recharge fee
19 CHF yearly fee
topup to revolut in CHF for free

Easy travel
1% recharge fee
35 CHF yearly fee
Topup to revolut in CHF 1.2% (CHF in foreigin countries)

2CHF fixed fee
25/50 CHF yearly fee (under and over 26 year old)
Topup to revolut in CHF 1.2% (CHF in foreigin countries)

There are mor Prepaid cards like Ferrari, World Wildlife Fund, Spar, Club Cards (Sportclub, Gulf), Lady Card,

Cornercard Creditcard

Classic (Chaplins World, Rolf Knie, Art Collection, Fairtransplant, Favorite, FR, Traditional, ONE FM, Energy)

100 CHF yearly fee
Topup to Revolut in CHF 1.2% (CHF in foreigin Countries)

Gold (includes special cards)

190 CHF yearly fee
Topup to Revolut in CHF 1.2% (CHF in foreigin Countries)

Cornercard Credit DinersClub

Classic (includes special cards)
150 CHF yearly fre
Topup to Revolut in CHF ???% (not accepted by Revolut?)

All Cornercard Services and fees (german)

Bank issued Cards are not on my list (Bank Linth, Privatebanking Banks)


Just to add some info

With UBS, doing a SWIFT payment in CHF to the Revolut IBAN costs 5 CHF per transfer. Rember to add the reference in the “Reason for payment” (How to send reference for non-SEPA online banking transfers).

I verified this with a cca. 800CHF transfer, 5CHF were charged at the end of the month in the bank statement. All monies arrived at Revolut without further charges.


Hi ppl and thanks for the summary,

UBS should not charge 2,75% if you use the CHF top-up option, should it? Then it would be only 1% due to the Revolut fees (since CHF transactions are free of charge)…

Thanks for updating the list, @Karol!



It does. When loading with UBS mastercard you get 1.75% fee for CHF payment abroad - this has been added buy UBS recently (since May I think). If you add the 1% Revolut charge for loading via card you get to 2.75% overall - it’s not viable via the card route.


My Viseca Orange card (visa) charged me 2.5% for my Revolut top up. So a total of 3.5% with this card.

To be specific, I topped up CHF 100.- and paid 103.55.


for me PostFinance top-up was slightly more expansive than on your list
4500 CHF costed 10 CHF

sent 4500 CHF to Revolut, received 4492 CHF on Revolut
++ PostFinance fee: 2 SFr
=> total cost: 10 CHF


Sorry, did not know that. Apparently, they are creative in finding new ways of monetarizing :frowning:


Update Aargauische Kantonalbank:
My top-up did not reach the SEPA standard and I did not know why. Currency Exchange from CHF to EUR and option SPLIT because of SEPA with the personal LT IBAN and GB BIC.
After a separate charge of EUR 3.75 in Revolut only arrived EUR 167.50 instead of EUR 200. The Revolut Support wanted me to ask my bank, Revolut did not charge any fee. My bank made me the refund of the EUR 3.75 because SEPA was not possible without a reason and promised to send the missing EUR 32.50 from my account without any additional fee with SEPA. The Refund of the exorbitant fee (EUR 32.50) ist not from my bank, probably took Llods (Revolut bank) the money.
AKB told me to may contact the hotline next time, if SEPA is not accepted. They need to check manually to made the transfer without any charges Through SEPA. Through this way, without charges, people still use to exchange CHF to EUR and this costs money.
So at the Moment there’s no optimal way and a high risk to loose money.

I will give my feedback as soon the transfer of the EUR 32.50 is done and booked on my Revolut-account.


Hi @swiss_user, sorry to hear about your mishap.

My impression is that making a SEPA transfer from CHF to EUR kind of defeats the purpose of Revolut, as your CHF is exchanged into EUR by your bank at their rate which is typically 1-2% less efficient than the Revolut rate. Plus, at 3.75CHF for a SEPA transfer it would be hard to make it viable (SEPA should be close to free - at UBS it’s 0.30CHF/transfer in EUR?). It might be more efficient to transfer CHF to CHF via SWIFT - that is if there aren’t any additional charges on the way between your bank and Lloyds.


That’s true, SEPA should be without any fees with AKB and exactly that’s the reason why I’ve chosen SEPA. The EUR 3.75 only arised because the system did not recognise it as SEPA. By bank could not say why not and that is why the made me a refund of the EUR 3.75.
I suppose a SWIFT in CHF would create similar fees but I don’t feel the desire to try…


The Bank transfer was done without any fee. At the end this means, SEPA is with AKB free of change but may the bank need to manually bring it into the SEPA standard and a call to their support is necessary. because of the SEPA rules an exchange from CHF to EUR is required if you don’t rule an account in EUR. In my case 1.1489 on 8th august. These seems to be unprofitable. Is anybody able to calculate in this case the more cost-efficient way. Is it the top-up with credit card or the unflattering exchange CHF to EUR??



1.1489 doesn’t seem that bad to me for 8th of August (I get 1.147-1.143 on historical rate sites)?. As mentioned before the other option would be to transfer directly CHF but in that case one would need to transfer quit a lot in one go to offset the transfer cost (which may or not be predictable)


I’m starting to wonder if Revolut makes things cheaper at all when in Switzerland. Follow my calculations below and tell me if I’m wrong:

I’ve made yesterday a purchase with Revolut ($53.90)and today a purchase with my Viseca credit card ($54.20). This allowed me to compare conversion rates.

I’ve based my calculations according to a 100 CHF top-up with my viseca credit card (that gets to a total of 3.5% fee) against my credit card conversion fee of 2.5%.

Revolut cost
Top-up fee for 50 CHF: 1.75
Conversion USD to CHF: 1.0388
50 USD to CHF: 48.15
Total paid: CHF 49.90

Viseca cost
Conversion USD to CHF: 1.0567
50 USD to CHF: 47.30
Conversion fee: 1.18
Total paid: CHF 48.50

The difference is very small but the credit card wins. The conversion rate is better with Revolut but this is offset by the top-up fees. So credit card is cheaper in this case and more convenient (no need to top-up).

Am I missing something ? I’ve really tried hard to make Revolut make sense in my mind, but I’m having trouble with that :yum:

Note: also some things not taken into account: cost of Viseca credit card (CHF 20.- a year)