Switzerland - Medical insurance not available


It’s really annoying to live in such f*** island in the middle of Europe…Any real reason, explanation? Live agent not able to answer my questions.
C’est vraiment dommage.


You can always move to France or Austria :))))


Well, not the easiest way i guess…
But thank you for the advice :stuck_out_tongue:


Make your residency in Austria or France (suuuuper easy)

Move to Asia. I’ve met a Swiss guy (23yo) living on a small island in Philippines, diving instructor. No winter. No cold. Just chicks, beer and sun.

And no ATMs :joy:


Don’t love Switzerland? Go on - frontiers are open. Search a great Country you’ll love and take your chances!!

it’s not about an “island in the middle of Europe” (btw: the Freetrade-Agreement from 1974, which should have solved that “island”-problem, is ignored by the EU, not CH!); in Switzerland, we have a mandatory medical insurance. You have the choice of several companys, insurance-models aso. And, as many EU-immigrants already found out: you can’t make an insurance abroad and count on them paying when you, an inhabitant in Switzerland, need service within Switzerland. THEY won’t pay!! FOR LEGAL REASONS!!! (you can’t make a swiss medical insurance when not living in Switzerland; if you live in eg. Germany or France, they would also not be allowed to pay!! in DACH-Area, you have to make an insurance from your country where you live in. As simple as that.)

As I’ve said: don’t like it in Switzerland? Our leftis (SP) claims “the frontier are open” (I know better, as I’ve been searching a job closer to my GF in the EU)… Sure you’ll find a country you’ll like better. As a Swiss, I don’t think blaiming Switzerland for Revolut not offering a service they - due to the laws in Switzerland - could never compete with the others is a solution. Don’t love the country? Go to somewhere you’ll like. Best solution for everyone, don’t you think?

(mon dieu! Toujour les romands! (and I count French living there as “Romands”, too!))


Thank you for your explanation, Unfortunately I’m not aware about every single law from 1974…
So to make it clear it will never happen. Good to know then. Could be also written somewhere or live agents should know it and just tell us when we ask.

(Ach les swiss allemands, toujours contents de payer plein pot pour tout) and please don’t put French as Romands, they are not)

PS I like my Switzerland, I have many other reasons to not move abroad, none of anyone business.


You’re not able to understand anything:
the medical-insurance-law’s from mid 1990s. Check “Ruth Dreifuss” for who made this mess…

1974 = freetrade-agreement with the EG (and all it’s successors) finishing that “island-status”. Unfortunatly, the EU doesn’t think of being a successor to the EG, so they don’t care about the FreeTrade-Agreement (hence all the problems leading to the famous vote in 1992)…

Well, @Hawkblesker, you don’t like Switzerland; accept it. You can’t hate it for “Island” (eventough it’s not CH’s fault!), and love it the same time (I think C. Levrat, the one inventing this “hatelove” for CH doesn’t realy loves CH). I don’t mind your business, don’t worry. But as I’ve said: don’t like CH or the system you live in, take your chances. OR accept the way it is (there’ve been many attempts to solve the medical insurance-problems. Ask Levrat why they failed.)