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Can I withdraw EURO in Switzerland without a fee with the revolut debit card? Almost all ATM in Switzerland contain also EURO. Does anyone have some experience?

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I know there are no fees when you use ATM to withdraw Euros from an Swiss Euro account with a Swiss Euro card.


Ok :), does it work with VISA and MasterCard?


With a Debit card yes ( ie. Maestro ), you have to avoid Credit cards.


Is VISA also possible? (first card in the app)


You were talking about ATM withdraw, are you talking about top-up now ?


No, I mean ATM withdraw :slight_smile:
I have ordered the Revolut VISA debit card now :slight_smile: , I hope that it will work :wink:


It should be OK, start with a small amount :wink:


Have you read their (ATM provider’s) T&C?
In Poland you can withdraw EUR in some Euronet’s ATMs, but ALWAYS they’re exchanging money using their sh… exchange rate.
In case of using EUR card you have double exchange.
They inform about it in T&C.

See this:
The cash withdrawal in euro is provided by Euronet 360 Finance Limited, a company registered in the UK, which does not charge a fee for this service. The service is available for cards settled in currencies other than euro. The exchange rate is presented to you when choosing the withdrawal amount and is also available by calling the euronet call centre on 801 324 024 or (22) 519 77 71 (standard tariff costs apply). By accepting this rate you will not be able to raise any claim against either the card issuer or card scheme under whose brand the card has been issued.By using this service i understand and accept that my card issuer may levy charges to my account. The regulations are available on the screen and the website www.euronetpolska.pl

I don’t know how it looks like in Switzerland


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Most, if not all, Swiss ATMs contain Euro. Can I withdraw Euro from these ATMs without a fee? I found an older post discussing this but unfortunately nobody knew a definitive answer.



Hi, I have tested it with several foreign cards (n26, revolut, transferwise) and several ATMs and all ATMs did not offer EUR, only CHF (the banks are blocking EUR withdrawal from foreign card in CH) In my opinion you are not able to get EUR from a Swiss ATM even if they have EUR inside (most of Swiss ATM have). But you re able to withdraw EUR without a problem with a Swiss card from Swiss ATM


I can confirm that you can’t withdraw Euro from ATMs from the ZKB. I will check if I find any that don’t block Revolut.


It is true, with a “foreign card” you can only get CHF out of a CH-ATM for “reasons” (think every bank has different ones)…
Yet, it is no trouble at all! Just take the card, go over the border to a EUR-country, and get the EUR-cash “on location”… Sometimes a bit of a hassle (one has to find an ATM in the “EUR-zone”), but the better exchange-rate is worth it…


Has anyone ever tried to withdraw EURO from a Swiss ATM with a Revolut Maestro card?
Because according to this post it should be possible when you use a EUR based card and because Revolut Maestro card is only issued in EEA country (f.e Austria) it should be a EUR based card.


I’m pretty sure they’d still be UK bin numbers though, which would end up with them being marked as GBP.


In my Revolut app I see the BIN 679835, which stands for Austria.

Source: https://www.bincodes.com/bin-checker/


I have the same BIN and still was offered DCC in CHF abroad.


So you used your card in Switzerland to pay something in CHF and you were offered to pay in GBP?


No, I used it in Poland and they asked if I want to pay in CHF.


mmh, that’s strange. This would only be the case if the POS detected your card as “swiss”. Just to be sure: Have you used the Revolut Maestro card or a “normal” swiss card?