Switch to premium?

Hi guys,

Currently living in Switzerland, I’ll be in France for two months. Would it be worth it to switch my account to (monthly) premium only for two months? I understand that I can withdraw up to 400€, but is it the only advantage?
And considering that I will receive a premium card, will I have to order another “normal” card after my premium time?

Thanks for your answers!

Hey @ABL94 :slight_smile:

AFAIK, the premium card will remain valid. There are many other advantages, like premium priority support, unlimited free FX, insurance discount and so on. Keep in mind the duration of the contract is 12 months regardless of the payment term and there’s an early cancellation fee of £14 for the monthly option :wink:

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Thanks for your quick answer! I’d like to double check something. If I cancel my contract after two months, I will pay £14 in total or per remaining months?

So my main advantage would be the withdrawal. Do you know how much Revolut charges per withdrawal once the limit exceeded?

Thanks again!

Hey ABL94.

You can see the rules for cancelling here: