Switch to new phone number


Hello. I need to change my account to operate from a new number. I don’t have access to the old number anymore so I’m unable to sign in to the app as verification code goes to the old number. Please advise on how I can do this or what information you may need from me to make the change. Kind regards, Paul.


@AndreasK is very helpful in case like this.


Paul, could you please drop me a DM?


Thank you @redi :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have rethink it ones again and I have to make a little correction: @AndreasK is always helpful, not only in cases like this :joy::rofl::yum:


:heart_eyes: :boxing_glove::love_you_gesture:


Hi Andreas I have exactly the same issue. I had to change my phone number for an Australian one (instead of french) and I can’t access to my account anymore. Can you help me? I try to reach you with a direct message but I don’t find how to do. Thanks a lot


Could you please drop me a direct message?


I am currently travelling and have a new phone number and phone and can’t access my old phone number can you help me please?