Swiss Users Beware Metal


This is certainly the correct way to go. Perhaps @AndreasK could smooth the waters with maybe a discounted metal offering or a cancelled plan for the people who have been mistreated by Revolut in these regards.

Financial Ombudsman doesn’t come cheap, so it’s probably worth the investment.


They have refunded me one month of the Metal fee without me asking for it. However that 15,99 CHF is only a fraction of what the insurance would have reimbursed when my baggage was delayed for more than 4 hours… Bad communication on revolut side and instead of adding coverage for Swiss users they decide to remove the features altogether and don’t tell anyone…


I don’t think it’s too simple to suddenly insure people but yeah I agree this was handled badly. They should have honoured any outstanding insurance claims and given people an option to break the contract without any cost to them.

On top of this, they should have offered a token reduction of price to Swiss users, maybe 20% off the total price, if not more (the insurance was quite a large part of the offering after all)


Sorry, but all of that is blowing the issue out of proportion :roll_eyes:


What are you talking about


You are entitled to your own opinion I understand but if you don’t like the discussion why not just ignore it?


It is not about disliking the discussion per se, I simply believe a few of the statements here are gross exaggerations. I think that should be possible on a public forum :slight_smile:


Everyone makes mistakes and we learn from them. Revolut is not excluded from this practise. I would first offer them to settle this “dispute” without lawyers (which usually costs money, both sides) by paying you the damage you have had. Sent them a registered letter ( recommandé / Einschreiben ) with what happened and a copy of all documents you have. State clearly but friendly your fair claim and when (specific date / deadline) you expect the damage (eg. hospital or doctors bill) to be paid to you. Also provide your bank account or offer to be paid to your Revolut.

Also I would love to see a prospering and learning Revolut. Not drowned by lawsuits. I think it is also our Swiss mindset that is about primarily searching for a solution that works for all sides.

It is a good first step that feedback was provided here and Revolut removed the false advertising.