Swiss Users Beware Metal

Ha ha ha, good point sir!

I’ve also signed up for metal thinking that the insurance would actualy be “helpful” so for sure it was one of the reasons I signed up in the first place. Sad to hear that especialy at that price point I would have expected that it also covers me. And what is especialy sad is that there wasn’t a note at the time I’ve ordered/ got Metal, nor I got an information about any changes or what so ever. I like Revolut, but removing something and don’t tell anyone isn’t the right way here. Either contact the few people that signed up before they figured out that they can’t insure swiss people and work it out with them or offer them a soltution right away. At the end we paid you money for a service, that we don’t get. And if this is an actual “issue” for them, where they can’t talk to their clients what happens if there will be a “real important problem like money at a risk or whatever”


Demand a refund or threaten to go to ombudsman, I suppose

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Hi everybody, I thought I would chime in here for a second and give you a quick update on the situation. My Case is still with the Ombudsman, they now have me referred to dedicated investigator who is sort of the mediator between me and Revolut. I have a very strong case here but I won’t go into further details as this is still ongoing and obviously this is the Revolut community. Also I would like to emphasise how important it is to take screenshots/keep documents in your emails and such. That really helped me to build a strong case.

The Ombudsman has the power to tell Revolut what to do in cases like mine in order to settle it. Also I would recommend this procedure to everyone who feels mislead by what seems to be wrong advertising on Revolut’s side. I will definitely let you know the outcome of this!


Thanks for the update. Out of curiosity, what’s the best outcome that could be hoped for? Free Metal (lite) subscription? Or do you think it could actually be possible they will be ordered to offer insurance as promissed?

Happy that you’re asking, now when you fill in the Ombudsman complaint form they ask what you expect from the other party in order to have this case settled. So you can pretty much have a reasonable demand. This however will only be handled on an individual case basis, hence I cannot ask them to cover all Swiss Residents (which I have put forward as a demand to Revolut but the Ombudsman says that this requires a policy change and they can’t force them to do that). So it’s very much up to you what you demand and everyone is fighting their own battle on this I guess.

Haha. What kind of “policy change” would that be? Seems to be kind of funny that fulfilling contractual obligations is now considered a policy change. (we’re talking about customers ordering the service before they updated the app, right?)

Anyway, I didn’t take any screenshots, my case would be rather weak. I’m just going to wait until the subscription is up for renewal. And I really hope they have something to offer by then.

Hi there, just wanted to report back on the now concluded investigation by the Ombudsman. Firstly I want to state that the outcomes vary from case to case hence the following might not apply to you.

I will give you a quick rundown on what happened and a bit of a timeline:

  • 21st December 2018, Trip to BKK, luggage delayed for more than 2 days
  • Hit up support only to find out I am not covered by insurance because I am Swiss citizen
  • Take several screenshots, formally complain to Revolut via their complaint form
  • Revolut replies fairly quickly, pointing to their T&Cs and can’t do anything about it
  • I was not happy with that answer so I formally filed a complaint with the Ombudsman
  • Ombudsman listens to both sides and then makes a decision
  • After a few back and forths the Ombudsman decided in my favor (very important to keep screenshots, dates, emails etc. you’ll have to provide those)
  • It ordered Revolut to fulfil my insurance claim as if I was covered under the insurance
  • Revolut was a good sport and did so immediately and also refunded me the 160 CHF that I initially paid but did not terminate my plan!

All in all it was a process of about 4 months but worth it. It was a really easy process as well if you have all the evidence


Thanks for sharing your outcome.

ありがとうございました。 :blush:


at least they dont lie anymore

I would imagine this is not legal, but that no-one will really be bothered enough to fight them all the way to court for it :confused:

Any update on this? I also just subscribed to metal thinking insurance was included.

No, they removed the insurance offering from the metal splash screen in the app for swiss users. So I guess they’ve only done that