Swiss Users Beware Metal


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You’re probably being sarcastic, but just for the sake of argument I think it’s unfair to believe that all Swiss residents earn more than EU residents, if that’s what you’re referring to. So unless they make an income-based pricing, I think it’s fair to adjust the price as a function of the service provided.

Unless you spend 160k$/year in EU (or 16k$/year elsewhere) to take advantage of cash-back, the travel insurance is the only way to make the metal/premium card worth it. Considering that a large market segment of Revolut is frequent travelers, a 4h.+ delay is pretty common (at least once a year for people who fly around 30 flights a year). So it’s an “easy” 100$ back.
And even though it’s tempting, I am not spending 160$/year just to get a “nice” card.

So I think it’s fair to provide a discount. The other perks are not convincing for now (the concierge service seems like a glorified google search, and the phone insurance is not worth it if you factor in time to ship your phone to and from Eastern Europe; time is money).


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That’s bad. But it doesn’t surprise me, they are also advertising good exchange rates everywhere, but if you don’t use a very current currency, you pay more than with an ordinary Swiss credit card with their surcharges. Revolut has a 5% difference between buy and sell rates, and even more one weekends.


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guys guys guys… you’re way too off topic for anyone to still take this thread serious. Switzerland earns more but they also pay more and definitely work more hours a week (edit: apparently Turkey works more). That’s just it.

Fact is, Revolut promotes a service for a price (doesn’t matter if it’s too expensive or not) without delivering the full service. That’s fraud.


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The legal situation is that you have entered and agreed a contract with Revolut LTD which has offered to carry you an emergency medical insurance on travel for the expense of 16.99 CHF a month or 160 CHF a year. If you have paid the insurance fee and the insurable event (emergency health treatment) was in the period of your subscription, then the other contract party Revolut LTD is liable to expense you the costs of the medical treatment. Whether or not they could or not have brokered the insurance back to a third party or insurer.

If a contract party disagrees to pay the expense which results on a contractual obligation, you may enforce the payment by a compulsory execution of your claim at a court of law of the Insurers offices. The Insurer may either pay or object. In case of objection the claim turns into a lawsuit and will be decided upon by a court of law.

A court of law will first investigate if a contract was made. Given that you had an offer and paid the expense of the offer, a contract was made. The contract includes the goods and services of the offer in expense to a payment.

In my opinion your case is pretty clear. Revolut LTD will have to pay your emergency medical treatment, as it offered before the contract, as you paid Revolut LTD an amount of money to do so, as it demanded before the contract.


I wouldnt be that confident about that situation as the terms are pretty clear in this regard. One might want to argue about false advertising but that is not necessarily a contractual obligation and - once again - the terms/contract clearly refer exclusively to EEA residents.

So one could probably take Revolut to court for false advertisment but not breach of contract.

PS: Not related to your response at all, but it is interesting to observe how much some people are willing to accept views different from theirs, considering that every single of my previous responses were flagged. Well done folks :clap:


Aparently Revolut does not enclose the offering with a legal waiver like eg.:

Global medical emergency insurance (terms and conditions apply)

There is no such waiver in the ordering process, hence no other terms and conditions can apply. Not even that a third party is carrying out the insurance on Revolut’s behalf.

Revolut LTD clearly missed due diligence in the markup of the commercial offering.


File a class action against them


It seems to me that Revolut implies in one place that residents of Switzerland are covered and in another place that they are not. The contractual terms are not only those contained within a dedicated document, but anything that Revolut says or writes, given that Section 50 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 states:

Every contract to supply a service is to be treated as including as a term of the contract anything that is said or written to the consumer, by or on behalf of the trader, about the trader or the service, if—

(a) it is taken into account by the consumer when deciding to enter into the contract, or

(b) it is taken into account by the consumer when making any decision about the service after entering into the contract.

If one contractual term conflicts with another contractual term, then the conflict must always be interpreted in the author’s disfavour, following the doctrine of contra proferentem, which is adopted not only under the law of England and Wales but in many jurisdictions around the world. Consequently if Revolut states anywhere that residents of Switzerland are covered, then Revolut would be obliged to cover them, even if it states to the contrary elsewhere.


Ok we got a new situation now. Seems like Revolut adjusted their Metal Service for Swiss Users:

So we got a new situation where I have signed up for something and now Revolut all of a sudden changed the offer without prior informing me. I am already talking to my lawyers. Let’s see how this pans out.


Just complained to the Ombudsman in the UK. I will keep you guys up to date. In case you have already formally complained with Revolut and they have not provided a satisfactory outcome for you you can use this link to make the next step